Monday, September 19, 2011

Time To Rid America of Ticks!!!

Obama and liberals in D.C. are determined to drain every ounce of "blood" from the American people.  They refuse to see the failure of liberal policies and so, they keep re-introducing the same old line of "increasing taxes on the rich" and increasing the size of government by proposing a "jobs plan" that does nothing for actual recovery.  Does this NOT sound like a tick to you?  It sure does to me!

Americans take great pains in removing parasites from their beloved pets, but what are we actually doing to get rid of this parasitic administration?  You'll take your dog or cat to the vet when you THINK there might be a problem, but have you taken our government to your friends and family when you KNOW there is a problem?

It is time for Americans to remove the tick that is sucking the blood from the citizenry of the United States.  Obama and his cronies must be made to understand that we will not allow them to swell government to the point that this great nation is no longer recognizable. 

My human said it best, "I don't like removing ticks and other parasites from you, Shasta, but it has to be done.  It's for your overall well being!"  Of course, she's saying this as she's making gagging noises and trying not to throw up. 

I don't really like biting liberals (they have a bad after taste), but I do it when necessary.

The removal of ticks is gross, but it is necessary.  Will you help me rid America of the ticks that are threatening to drain the very essence of what makes this country great? 


  1. It's a great analogy. Ticks and other parasites do not care about the health of the host. They add nothing positive to the host at all. All they care about is getting their fill from it. Parasites only keep sucking the life-blood out of the host until they kill it. Then they just try to find another host.

  2. Spot on Shasta...once again! the parasites are literally sucking the life out of America!