Thursday, September 13, 2012

Defending The Pack

My human was discussing the “victim mentality” that seems to have taken over this country with a friend today.  I almost threw up my breakfast when I heard her friend say, “While on a mommy discussion board, I was amazed at the majority stating they didn’t think they could resort to violence to defend themselves or those they loved.”  Seriously people?  As a canine, I can’t fathom NOT defending my human against any and all evil.  It is as foreign a concept to me as cats being able to talk.

I honestly believe that humans could learn a few things from canine behavior.  For example, wolves mate for life and the pups never leave the pack.  Why do you think that is?  Because there is safety in numbers and we are much stronger together than we would ever be alone.  Because we know that we have each other’s back when there is trouble.  And we don’t go looking for trouble, but when trouble finds us we stand and defend what is ours.

These attacks on American embassies around the world have me seriously worried about the lack of steel in the spines of our leaders.  Yes I know that Obama is an apologist who sees America’s success as a thing to be ashamed of, but when did the rest of America decide to roll over and play dead?  I just don’t get it.  You people need to stand and defend what is good and right in the world.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are most definitely worth the fight.

I listen to Gadi Adelman with my human every Thursday night.  And every week when he posts his article, she reads it to Patton and I.  Would you like to know what I’ve learned from Mr. Adelman?  I’ve learned that muslims don’t need an excuse to attack Americans.  Our very existence and the things we stand for is enough to make them angry.  And after hearing of their “prophet” doing things no human being should ever do, I have to say that I would have attacked him to if he had entered my human’s dwelling place.  Because I believe no one person has the right to tell another how to live, what and what not to eat and/or wear, and certainly does not have the right to wage war just because others disagree with his/her point of view.

The attacks on Americans this week have been planned and/or coincided with the anniversary of 9/11.  There is no doubt in my canine mind about that.  But there is also no doubt that more will come if Americans don’t stand up and demand that government perform one of its most fundamental tasks as set forth in the Constitution.  And that task is “to provide for the common defense”.  The current administration is not fulfilling their Constitutional duty with their continued apologies and refusal to face the problem and deal with it.

Tonight I will once again say a prayer for those that lost their lives, those that were left behind, and those who will eventually stand in the gap for our freedoms.  I will pray for those that have stood on the wall, those that are standing there now, and those who will stand there in the future to protect Americans.  And I will pray for those who would ask these brave men and women to do so without proper ammunition and no way to properly defend those they were asked to defend.  I will also stand by my human’s side as she demands those in power to properly equip and train those that protect us.  I will stand with her as she cries out to America to stop being a victim.  And I will proudly stand with her pack as we do our best to defend our country and our families.  Will you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Hillary Is Not A True Bitch

Candi has had her say and Patton has had his regarding the non-action of the current administration and their clear lack of respect for American life.  Now, it’s my turn and I’d like to direct my comments directly to Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Clinton, I have heard many people call you a bitch over the years.  People within your own party have referred to you in just such a way.  However, the name most definitely does not apply to you.  Let me explain why.
First, no bitch with any self respect would have married a lying cheating man like you did.  We would have known better.  A true bitch would have sent that man packing as soon as he came sniffing around.

Second, no bitch with any self respect would conduct herself in such humiliating and undignified ways as you have on a few of your foreign trips.  Seriously, you know you can’t dance, so why were you trying to bump and grind with other women?  The picture of you drunk and acting like a fool made me sick to my stomach.  Please!  You represent America, so show a little dignity and pride on your travels through the world.

Last, no self respecting bitch would sit idly by while U.S. citizens are attacked.  We would not issue apologetic statements that our enemies could easily misconstrue as a statement of solidarity with their “feelings”.  We would not allow anyone in any nation to threaten our homeland and just smack their little hand and send them to the corner!
NO!!  Any true self-respecting bitch would not degrade herself by tying herself to a man of no principles or morals.  We would not humiliate ourselves by dancing in an obviously drunken state with other women.  And we most certainly would not meekly stand by while our family and friends were under attack, but instead we would send them to the depths of hell to which they belong.

So do us all a favor Ms. Clinton.  Stop embarrassing those of us who are truly bitches, shut up and go back home.  America does not need or want you representing us any further on foreign soil!