Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Thoughts On Obama's Job Speech

Tonight my human tuned into POTUS' job speech while chatting live with her fellow Smart Girls and Guys on SGP.  I, as usual, turned my back on Obama because I just can't stand to look at him.  I do, however, wish to share my thoughts about the speech with you.

Once again, TOTUS did all the work!  Of course, TOTUS is the hardest working member of the Congress!  Still, it seemed someone had coached POTUS on how to put inflections into his voice.  This did not make him any more interesting to listen to, but at least I didn't hear the normal monotone.

POTUS once again blamed the rich for not paying their fair share and even once mentioned Warren Buffet by name.  Those in attendance seemed bored with this rhetoric.  They should be bored.  POTUS said absolutely nothing that they hadn't heard before.  Biden looked very uncomfortable and Boehner should be awarded an Oscar for not laughing at the same old ridiculous content!

Nothing he said was new.  Although this was expected, I have to wonder....he blames big business, the rich, Congress, Republicans and TEA partiers on a regular basis, when is he going to blame the K-9 population?  Seriously!  After asking Candi, I have confirmed that I do not pay my fair share!  According to her, I contribute absolutely nothing to society.  Yet we have been left out of the blame game that POTUS likes to play!

POTUS also never said how he is going to pay for his new jobs plan.  Candi figures it will once again come out of the pockets of small business.  He also wants more regulations that will stifle small business. is small business supposed to pay if they are in bankruptcy due to all the regulations?

Now, I know I'm just a dog, but even I know that nothing that POTUS said made any sense at all!  Tonight's speech was nothing more than a campaign speech and he abused his power as President by asking for a joint session of Congress!  More taxpayer money wasted so that he could give a campaign speech!  Ughhh...

"Candi," I began, "Would you please take me to D.C. so I can bite that moron on the bum?  Maybe then he'll get a grip on reality and Americans can move forward!"

"I'm packing now, Shasta!"

Please excuse me now while I do a happy dance at getting to do something useful and contribute to society!!!!

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