Monday, September 12, 2011

How Obama And I Are Alike

Last night, my human was online discussing 2012 presidential candidates with friends.  Although she won't give us her favorite at this time, not even me, she joined in the discussion and shared the pros and cons of each candidate as she sees it.  Then I began to think about something that was said.  How the Democratic Party had groomed President Obama.  The thought that struck me hardest was how much alike he and I are.  Let me explain.

Candi has spent hours training me and I am usually pretty good about doing what is expected.  For example, I'm not allowed to sit and watch her eat.  She says that it isn't cool for dogs to do that because what they're doing is begging.  I can see her point.  But here's the thing, I do watch her eat.  When she catches me watching her, I quickly turn my head away to avoid being punished.  I'm hoping she won't notice that I had been watching.  Unfortunately for me, she never buys it.  Obama is kind of the same way.  His party had trained him to do certain things and for the most part, he does what he was taught.  However, ever so often he strays and when he gets caught, he tries to pretend he wasn't so that maybe they won't notice.  Guess what?  His party and the American people aren't buying it anymore than Candi buys that I wasn't watching her eat.  If they were buying, Maxine Waters wouldn't be screaming in frustration and Pelosi wouldn't have been caught saying, "Great words, but...".  Think about it!

When I mentioned this to my human as we were going to bed, she began to giggle.  She said I had a point and that maybe we could send "The Dog Whisperer" to the White House to "re-train" Obama.  She's a firm believer that "an old dog CAN learn new tricks" IF they have the right human.  So here's my suggestion.  Let's get rid of the trainers in Washington, on the state and local levels and replace them with trainers who have common sense and are true Patriots.  It's just a suggestion!

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