Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Michelle Obama Can Really Help

A few nights ago, my human couldn't sleep so got back out of bed and opened her computer to Facebook.  There she reads the following post by her friend:
A little note to the bigger girls; Please do not wear skin tight above mid thigh skirts with 4 inch heels. First normal guys do not find that sexy, second when you put your weight on that heel and it breaks, I will laugh my ass of at you, not help you get up and not ask if you are ok!! You were asking for what you get!!
Then he posts another comment in his status bar that said:
On a note from my last post; If the goverment wants to pass a law about something and do the public some real good they could put weight limits on any type stretch clothing and High heels!!
Naturally, my human agrees with her friend and began to giggle.  Then the commenting began.  This continued for about an hour.  Finally, my human decides its time to put the computer away and go to bed.  As we are laying there in bed talking about the post and the comments, I realize that her friend had a point about the government intervening.  What he got wrong was, he should have mentioned Michelle Obama and NOT the government specifically.  As Candi and I are discussing this, she suddenly looks at me with a gleam in her eye and says, "Shasta, guess what you're going to be blogging about this week!"

I can see the hate mail pouring in, but she does have a point.  If Michelle Obama really wanted to help America get over its obesity problem, she would stop targeting the young and aim her guns at these women.  She'd petition her husband to outlaw wearing such garments and shoes if they exceed a certain weight limit.  Or as Candi put it, "She could petition the government to outlaw the sale of "magic mirrors" so that people wouldn't think they looked hot when they don't!"

In the interest of full disclosure, we'll say upfront that my human is on the somewhat small side of the scale.  She does, however, come from a line of people on the larger side of the scale.  Naturally she can see both sides of the argument.  With that being said, her people don't embarass themselves by wearing spandex clothing stretched so taut that it shows their underwear. 

So Ms. Obama, here is what Candi and I think you could do to truly help America's obesity problem.  1.) Present a plan that would prevent bigger people from being allowed to wear certain types of clothing or shoes if they reach an undesirable weight.  The undesirable weight should be determined on height and bone structure and an independent panel of doctors would negotiate the weight limits for each group.  2.) Offer the reward of a license to wear "sexy" clothing to those who take the initiative to do something about their weight.  Only those who take the initiative themselves and don't take anything from the government should be allowed to apply for the license.  3.)After completing steps 1 and 2, sit down and shut up!  We don't want to hear your "do as I say and not as I do" crap.  Let's face it Michelle, you haven't been blameless in this area either!

In my humble opinion as a dog, I think this is a win/win solution for everyone.  You get healthier Americans and guys like my human's friend, will no longer be haunted by the spectacle of bigger women wearing things they shouldn't!  Just saying.


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  1. Shasta is more intelligent than most humans! I agree 100% with her. Michelle is obsessed with this issue regarding children. However, she is often seen eating cheeseburgers and fries with her two daughters...hmmmmmm

    Another form of control and spending our money: putting content of calories, etc on food and beverages in schools and controlling what parents allow their children to eat/drink.

    You go girl!