Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Grrrrrrrr!

Two things I read on the internet this week make me want to bite some bums.  The first, Spike Lee tweeting the address of Zimmerman.  The second thing was Rep. Bobby Rush from Illinois making a mockery of the House of Representatives.  The following are my thoughts on both of these things.

First, we are going to look at the sheer stupidity of Spike Lee.  He not only tweeted the address of Zimmerman in hopes of inciting violence against the man, he tweeted the WRONG address.  That’s right… Spike Lee didn’t have enough sense to even make sure he had the right person.  What a buffoon!  My question is simple.  Who gave Spike Lee (a Hollywood has been) the right to put vigilantes and the media on the trail of a private citizen?  Oh wait…he’s a liberal and therefore the rules of common decency do not apply to him.  Freedom of Speech does NOT, I repeat does NOT, give you the right to endanger others!  Spike Lee needs to be charged by the authorities for endangerment of the elderly couple that actually do live at the address he tweeted!  In this canine’s opinion, his actions are not only  deserving of a bite on the bum…but a bite somewhere else that probably means a lot more to him.

Now we are going to look at the actions of Representative Bobby Rush from the state of Illinois.  I agree with my human that he does not deserve the title of Honorable in front of his name like other members of Congress.  Mr. Rush took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States when he was elected to office.  I’ve gone over the oath of office with my human and we’ve even looked at the rule of decorum for the House of Representatives.  Nowhere in the oath does it say that you swear to get up and make a mockery of the system or the House.  In the rules for decorum, it does specifically state in clause 5 of rule 17 hats on the floor of the House are not tolerated.  Mr. Rush, do you not believe in taking your responsibilities or your oath seriously?  Do you honestly believe that rules of decorum only apply to Republicans?  Once again, this canine thinks that the actions of Mr. Rush are deserving of a bite on the bum.  Not only that, but this canine thinks Mr. Rush should resign immediately because he has obviously entered into a state of delusion and therefore no longer represent those who live in reality!

Let me be as clear as a dog can be.  These are my opinions on two very real stories.  Both of these things mentioned actually occurred.  These two “grown men” behaved like spoiled rotten 2 year old brats.  It’s pretty sad when those of us in the animal kingdom behave better than humans!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Important Week In History

My human says this is probably the most important week of her generation’s lifetime.  She told me that the Supreme Court would be hearing arguments about Obamacare this week and deciding if it was constitutional or not.  A lot of people are attending rallies around the country and there is something going on everyday this week in Washington, DC.  Patriots all across this land are raising their voices to speak out against the tyranny that threatens our freedom. 
On this past Saturday, she attended the “Road To Repeal” rally with Diane Student and Lisa Mei Norton.  She stood in the rain and the cold for two hours freezing with other patriots from around the country.  They joined their voices together with others so that they could be heard by Obama and the Supreme Court.  I know that she would have liked to stay in DC for the entire week, but she had to return and see to the business she runs with her family.  My heart breaks for her because she is not where she wants to be this week and is instead where she needs to be in order to be a contributing member of society.  I am so grateful for the kindness of Diane Student and Lisa Mei Norton who made it possible for her to take the opportunity to stand up and be heard.  And although she can’t be there the rest of this week, there will be other dedicated patriots to take up the banner in DC and continue the fight there.
History is being made right now.  The fate of our country will be determined by nine people.  Will they adhere to the principles set forth in the constitution by our founding fathers?  Or, will they decide that 536 people in Washington should have control over every aspect of American life? 
I know that I’m just a canine, but I agree with my human that this is the most important week in the life of her generation.  I agree with her that freedom and the American way of life are at stake this week.  I pray that the Supreme Court rules in favor of the American people that Obamacare is unconstitutional.  I will attend every local rally and event with my human to help raise our voices against the tyranny that this legislation will usher in if the Court should rule in favor of Obama and his cronies.  Will you raise your voice with ours and shout out against Obamacare?  Will you help us let the Supreme Court know that We The People find this intrusion into our lives unacceptable? 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changes Changes Everywhere

The last couple of months have brought a lot of changes to our household.  It began back in November.  Candi was invited by Facebook friends to attend a new show on  As we settled in to listen, we became so inspired that Patton and myself dictated a couple of reviews to Candi.  That started us on a path to doing things we would never have imagined doing.

After being encouraged to learn more about radio by listening to some talk shows, Candi called into The Freedom's Wings Show as a joke.  See, she was going to harass Diane Student and leave her speechless.  It  Then she called in a couple of more times to express an opinion or sing a song and before we knew what had happened, Diane had asked Candi if she would be her producer.  Now thankfully, Diane does all her own research and Candi just mans the phone lines and occasionally will go on air with a story or rant that has a special interest for her.  So far, it's been working out pretty well.

Then in January, BigDawgMusicMafia asked Candi to do their live video stream show called "Off The Cuff 'n' Ruff".  Nothing worked right, but that didn't stop us.  Nope...Candi continued on improvising as she went.  Lisa Mei Norton, one of the co-founders, then asked us to "host" the show.  All we have to do is broadcast for a few moments and give an introduction to that week's artists.  Easy enough...right?  Yeah...that is until you have a last minute cancellation for technical or personal reasons.  At that point, Candi goes live for an hour just winging it and making things up as she goes along.  It's usually pretty entertaining as she is the sort of person that can be talked into doing silly things or even be made to laugh until she  But it's fun and we enjoy doing it.

Now, Candi is co-hosting another internet radio show brought to you by and  It's the BigDawg's Music Hour show.  Unforseen changes and an illness have put her in a position to be solo in her duties for now, but we are figuring it out as we go.  It's fun watching her choose her songs for the week's show and do introductions for them.  Since she doesn't know what she's doing, she usually just goes with what feels natural and right.  The interviews she conducts for the show are done the same way.  

I have to tell you guys, seeing Candi re-adjust and doing the "learning as you go tap dance" has been entertaining to Patton and I.  We're also enjoying the extra hugs and attention we're getting during showtime as she wonders how others are taking it.  We're on an adventure right now and having a blast.  We don't know how long this adventure will last or where it will eventually lead us, but we're going to enjoy the ride.  We're going to enjoy the politics of The Freedom's Wings Show and the music from  It's a perfect mix for this home and we're counting our blessings for the opportunities.  Look for us on the internet airwaves and the blogs.  We're definitely around.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Remembering Breitbart - A True American Hero

Today my human is saddened at the unexpected loss of one of her heroes.  Andrew Breitbart was a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT.  He fought tirelessly and with enthusiasm against the left.  He exposed the lies of the MSM for what they were.  And he gave of his time and himself to organizations he believed in and that were in the same fight he was.  We have truly lost a GREAT AMERICAN today.
Last July, Candi had the pleasure of meeting Andrew for the first time.  I remember her coming back from SGS2011 talking of the people she had seen, met and got to hear speak.  Mr. Breitbart was one of her favorites.  She was impressed by his energy, his dedication and his love of country.  Very few have reached the level of ‘hero’ to her, and he had.  She’d already been a follower, but last July convinced her he was worthy of the status ‘hero’.
A few weeks ago at CPAC2012, Candi once again had the opportunity to be in Mr. Breitbart’s company.  While conducting interviews, Lisa Mei Norton (co-founder of asked Mr. Breitbart if he would come sit for a short interview.  He graciously agreed and Candi told me she immediately said…”I can’t do his interview, Lisa.  You’ll have to conduct that interview.”  Lisa did, and Candi was once again impressed with his words, his generosity in agreeing to talk with a ‘nobody’, and the depth of his passion for his beliefs which never seemed to waiver.
It is with a heavy heart that this canine writes this today.  You see, I may not have met him, but my human had and she admired the man.  Therefore, I am grieving with her at the loss while celebrating the legacy that he leaves behind.  It is a double edged sword that we write these words because we know that even while we will miss him, he will be at peace and watching over the conservative movement from above.
Thank you Mr. Breitbart for all that you have done for the conservative movement.  Thank you for shining the light of truth on the MSM.  And thank you for your unwavering dedication and commitment to this great country that you loved so much.  You will be missed, but the fight will continue on and you will always be remembered as one of fiercest leaders.  Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.  May you Rest In Peace and rejoice in the heavens over the victories we have in a movement that you helped inspire.
In closing, I would also like to share the quote shared with us by a friend who is currently overseas. 
It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. Speech at the Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston Massachusetts (7 June 1945), quoted in Patton : Ordeal and Triumph (1970) by Ladislas Farago
Remember that while we mourn this loss, we must celebrate the legacy he has left to each of us.  We must continue the fight.  Please join with our family as we say a prayer for the family left behind, the co-workers and friends, and the legacy that is Andrew Breitbart.