Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking Time

"Candi, why do you participate in the chatrooms for the online music and talk shows you listen to?"

"It's simple really.  Humans are under constant pressure, Shasta.  Trying to juggle work and home can be quite a struggle.  And if that weren't bad we have the added worries of the current political climate in America.  It's important that we take time out, even just a few minutes, to show one another support.  That's what we are doing when we go into the chatrooms.  We are showing others how much we appreciate their efforts.  We are showing our support and in doing so, we may be lifting someone’s spirits and putting a smile on their face.  Chatrooms also help us learn from each other.  By talking to others on the issues, we have a chance to gather information that we may not have been aware of.  In this way, we are better prepared when discussing things with the opposition.”  

I started thinking about it and decided she probably had a point.  Quite often we find ourselves disgusted with the news and get angry.  Maybe if more people took time to enjoy each other's company, learn from one another and say thank you, our country would begin turning around.  As a dog, I have no worries.  Candi sees to my needs and takes time out to play with me.  She takes time to discuss things with me and share what she knows.  Why can't humans do that for each other?

We probably won't have much time for our blogs during this holiday season.  We're going to be "taking time" to share with others.  We have decided that we are going to spend time with friends and family.  We're going to focus on enjoying the small things in life and lift the spirits of others in the process.  We're going to begin this week by spending time with Candi's nieces, Stephanie Macomber and Rachel Marie Goldman.  We're going to take them and her great-niece, Elizabeth, to enjoy local Christmas displays.  We're going to enjoy the company and the laughter.  

We know that you have busy lives and that you have things that MUST get done.  But consider this; every time you give of yourself, you get far more in return.  I know this because of the smile on my human's face when she takes time to play with Patton and me.  When you make someone else happy, you become happy.  You begin to feel good.  And you've renewed your own spirit.  By listening and sharing with others, you gain knowledge and are better prepared for the battle.  Please, this Christmas season take time for one another.  Take time to share yourself with someone else and receive the greatest of all gifts in the process...the gift of each other.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Happy Birthday To My Biggest Fan - Kim Parrott

Dear Kim,

Happy Birthday!  I hope it is one of your best ever.  I want to tell you how much your love and support mean to me.  You always make my human smile and you encourage my rants and thoughts.  We love you when you share your sadness, your joy and even your frustration with the political climate.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your circle of friends.  We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives.
So.....happy happy birthday from both of us to you!  Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true!


We'd have gotten you a gun because we know you'd rather have that, but thanks to the economic policies of Obama....we just can't afford it.  You'll have to make do with this short letter.  WE LUVS YA BUNCHES AND BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Ladies of PolitiChicks Are Getting It Right

"Shasta, you know you're doing something right when you're making someone mad.  That's exactly what the ladies of PolitiChicks have done today," Candi said to me tonight.

"What is PolitiChicks," I asked.

"It's a new show that debuted today via YouTube and  It stars four very lovely and talented ladies talking about current events and the political climate in America," she told me.

I asked Candi if we could watch and she gladly obliged me by clicking the play button.  It was exactly the kind of show we enjoy most.  Humorous while getting to the truth at the heart of the matter.  Candi read the comments from viewers and all I could think was, "And they call TEA Party members 'hatemongers' and racists". The language some of these "enlightened" liberals used was a show of just how limited their minds really are.  Candi is forever telling me that if I have to resort to name calling and foul language, I don't have an argument.  Clearly these left-wing ideologs don't have an argument or they would have phrased their displeasure in a way that we wouldn't have to send Patton from the room.

So ladies, we say keep on keeping on.  We're behind you all the way and we're going to promote it every chance we get.  It is patriots like you that are going to put this country back on the right path and we appreciate your efforts!

Take a look at the video, click the like button and show those "hatemongering" liberals that we aren't going to drink their "kool-aid" anymore.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Words Have Power

Candi is always telling me, "Shasta, slow down.  Give the filter between your brain and your mouth a chance to work properly."  I was never really sure of what she meant until tonight.

Candi has been my human for four year.  Tonight I realized that I had never seen her truly "ticked off".  I've seen her depressed, disheartened, frustrated, happy, silly, angry, playful and thoughtful, but never truly and seriously mad.  She tries very hard to "walk the walk' that she talks, and so very often stops to consider the intent behind someone's words and NOT just the way they phrased it.  That attitude can be frustrating to this TEA Party dog when we're discussing the latest coming out of D.C.  It can also be helpful in keeping things from getting overheated when debating.  

Sometimes while reading posts, comments and various articles on the internet, I want so badly for Candi to just let loose on people.  But...she doesn't.  Instead, she re-reads what she has written and tries to see how it may come across to the other person.  It is one thing to debate, it is quite another to incite anger.  This is something she is constantly preaching to others when talking about debating the issues.

With all that being said, my human is just human.  As a result of her human nature, she isn't perfect and freely admits it.  She can read something and KNOW that the person didn't mean it like it sounded but still get pretty upset.  Normally when that happens, she walks away for a while and then comes back to it when she is in a calmer frame of mind.  Tonight was not a night for walking away and coming back calmer.

She read the comment to me and I could immediately see the problem.  Actually, if the comment had been directed at me, I would have gone over to the person's home to take a chunk out of their bum.  It wasn't a nice comment, and the person honestly didn't mean it to come across the way it did.  That doesn't excuse it, though.  You see, words have power and when you are spitting them out so fast the filter between your brain and your mouth doesn't work, eventually you are going to phrase something very poorly.  You could even lose a good friend because of it.

So, as Candi says to me, slow down people.  Give the filter between your brain and your mouth a chance to work properly.  Try applying that statement to your politics, your relationships and every other aspect of your life.  I think you'll find you keep friends longer and create fewer enemies that way.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Only Christmas Gets Taxed!!!!

"'ve got to be kidding me?  When will the left stop their relentless attack on Christmas," I heard Candi yelling this morning.

I padded into the living room and asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Shasta, you're absolutely NOT going to believe what this liberal administration has done now!  They're going to add 15 cents on to every Christmas tree sold.  They're not going to tax Kwanza symbols, winter solstice symbols, or muslim symbols....just Christmas trees.  If this isn't another liberal attack on a Christian holiday, I don't know what is," she said.

We decided to look into the story a little further.  And here's the thing...they're adding this 15 cents to pay for a new "Christmas Tree Promotion Board" in the Department of Agriculture.  This "tree tax" is supposed to pay for a program to improve the image of the Christmas tree industry.  Here is our question:  Would we need to improve the image of the Christmas tree industry if the liberals hadn't taken every opportunity to destroy the holiday itself?  NO, we most certainly would not.

We are no longer supposed to call it a Christmas tree, but instead a Holiday tree so that we don't offend non-Christians.  Everywhere you look people use Xmas instead of Christmas in an attempt to take Christ out of the holiday altogether.  We can no longer put nativity scenes up in public places in many cities in the U.S.  Santa is even offensive to some.  NOW the left is going to attack probably the MOST recognizable symbol of the holiday by putting a tax on it.  For Pete's sake America...when are you going to wake up?  Will it take the actual abolishment of the holiday before you realize what is going on here? 

Little by little our freedoms and our customs/traditions are being taken away by the left.  If they aren't outright attacking it...they sneak in a tax on it.  Soon there will be no Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or holidays that honor the sacrifice of those who have served and those currently serving.  Soon there will be no resemblance to the holiday my human remembers from her childhood.  Soon there will be no Christian OR Jewish holidays allowed in America.  Are you ready for that day?  If not...stand up and fight for your right to celebrate your Christian beliefs and traditions.  Candi and I are!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Jeannie Gill Hinck, BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton Knock One Out Of The Park

One of my human's greatest pleasures in life is to interact with Conservative Patriots around the country.  They inspire her to keep moving forward when she feels like "What's the point?".  It is my distinct pleasure to tell you guys about Candi's newest favorite song, Pretty Girls With Guns & Guitars, written by Jeannie Gill Hinck and performed by Lisa Mei Norton, with the music mix by BigDawg who took Jeannie's chords and added his own unique style to create a sound that is pure American.  WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Jeannie collaborated with BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton of on the song about our government's unprecedented raid on Gibson Guitars.  In expressing the outrage of this unjustified attack through song, they have reaffirmed to Candi and I that we are on the right side in this battle for our country and our freedoms. 

Candi and I visit daily to listen and be inspired by the great work of the artists.  We don't often update our page, but we do visit and Jeannie is one of our favorites on the website.  Her humor, her patriotism and her dedication to spreading the word of freedom always seems to lift the spirits of my human whenever she feels like giving up.  All the artists do that for her, although they may not know it.

"Shasta, I have been so blessed to come into contact with these wonderful people.  I love sharing their talent with others.  It's so refreshing to hear songs like Pretty Girls With Guns & Guitars that promote the idea we can't let government continue their assault on free markets and American made products," she said.

"Well I personally like that the song was about pretty girls fighting back," I told her.  "Us girls are the future and Jeannie gets that."

I am highly recommending to all my fellow patriots that you click on the link below and take a listen to this great new collaboration by Jeannie Gill Hinck, BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton.  These guys blow Candi and I away with their talent and patriotism.  Help us support these great conservative artists and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

BigDawg's Music Hour Is Totally Awesome

There are few things that dogs look forward to.  Things like belly rubs, long walks on a pretty day with your human, extra treats and playtime.  Those are the things that make us tingle all over in anticipation.  So this morning when Candi stated our walk would be postponed in order to listen to a new show on internet radio, I was extremely disappointed. But...knowing my human the way I do, I also knew that the walk wouldn't be postponed if it wasn't important.  So...I settled in with her to listen.

"Shasta, today my friends at are launching an all new program on called BigDawg's Music Hour.  Isn't that cool?"

In my humble K-9 opinion, that is beyond cool.  The conservative artists being promoted by these wonderful people help my human keep fighting the fight to restore our country back to its constitutional principles.  So often I want to bite people for making her feel that she isn't making a difference.  If it weren't for patriots giving voice to what it means to be an American through their song, she might give up and that's something this country can't afford.

As the show started, Candi joined the chat room and began to smile.  When you're the companion to someone who cares deeply for her country and see her getting discouraged in her efforts, seeing her smile while supporting conservative artists and their principles is a BIG DEAL!  Everyone was friendly and encouraging.  And it was also apparent that each person is a true patriot with an undying love of country.

So, if you're trying to make a difference and want to support conservative artists that are making a difference, come take a seat by Candi and I in the chat room for BigDawg's Music Hour on each Saturday morning at 10 a.m. Eastern.  And...if you can, show your support for these amazing people by visiting and joining  Trust me, you'll love it and they'll love having you come help ring the bells of freedom.

And just so you have an idea of what it's all about, the following is a list (with links) to the great music we listened to.  Also, they'll be re-airing today's show on Sunday at 11 a.m. Eastern.  Hope y'all can join us in the chat room for it.

Liberty Bell Radio - Where the Bell Tolls for Freedom
Thanks to BigDawg, Reese Ccup, Matthew Vermillion, Lisa Mei Norton and all the others who have given my human another place to refill her patriotic cup!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Something Dogs Know That OWS Doesn't!

Here is something that ALL dogs learn.  A person has something you want so you try to take it.  That person could be bigger or have weapons.  It is NOT worth the punishment that will inevitably follow!  Trust me on this one!

Last night as I was eating, Patton decided he was going to help me finish my food.  I defended what was rightfully mine and he got hurt.  Now...I did not mean to hurt him, but he had no business trying to take my food.  Candi came running in to find Patton screaming and bleeding.  She immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped him up.  After she got him quieted down, she looked at me with that "mom" look we all dread and said, "Patton is just a baby and he doesn't know any better.  You have to be careful because you're so much bigger.  However, he had no right trying to take what was yours.  I'm not mad at you for defending what was yours, but I'm upset with you for getting too rough."

"I didn't mean to hurt him.  I was just trying to warm him," I told her.

I felt really bad all night that Patton had gotten hurt.  I felt even worse that Candi was worried.  But still....he shouldn't have tried to take my food!  I thought about what had happened all night and this morning when Candi woke up and AFTER she'd had her first cup of coffee I padded up to sit at her feet and I asked, "Couldn't the kind of incident that happened last night with me and Patton happen to the OWS people someday?"

"Yes, Shasta.  One of these days, the OWS people are going to come across someone who is bigger and stronger.  When they do, that person is going to defend what is rightfully theirs.  And when I say 'rightfully theirs', I mean what they've worked for and earned.  You don't have the right to something just because it's there and you think it's unfair you don't already have it, Shasta.  That is the lesson Patton learned, very painfully learned, last night," she said.

What she said made perfect sense to me.  You see, I know that if I try to take something I shouldn't I can get hurt.  And someday, there will be a bigger dog that can kick my butt.  So...I take what I'm given by my human, because I can't get it myself, and I stay away from what belongs to others.  This is something that all dogs learn very early in life.  We learn it the hard way and we don't forget it.  Unfortunately, today's young people have never learned this lesson.  They will probably NEVER learn this lesson.

Because liberals feel everyone should be equal, our children are NOT learning how to stand up for themselves or how to keep trying until you succeed.  Instead, children are learning to cry "He said mean things about me" or "That's not fair".  Rather than teaching our children to be strong and independent, we teach them that everyone is equal and no one should have more than anyone else.  Because we won't let the kids who are capable show off those capabilities, we are raising a nation of weaklings and whiners.  It's time that children learn the lesson that all dogs learn as puppies.  Don't try to take what doesn't belong to you!

One more thing.  Just because Candi scooped Patton up, doesn't mean she was on his side.  As a matter of fact, she told him that she hoped he had learned his lesson.  She scolded him for trying to take what wasn't his and explained to him that was how he got hurt.  She definitely made it clear to Patton that it was his own fault he got hurt.  AND, Candi explained to both of us that she only wanted to make sure he was ok and didn't need to go to the vet.  I know that Candi loves Patton and I.  I also know that she won't reward bad behavior.  As soon as she knew Patton was going to be ok...we both got lectures. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


How many times will you post unverified subject matter?  I mean seriously, you're doing more harm than good by NOT researching before you post something.  Conspiracy theories abound and distractions are coming hard and fast from the left.  Do we really have the time for arguing this stuff?  I think not!

Candi woke up this morning to find a link posted on Facebook.  The title of the link caught her attention, so she clicked on it and read the article.  Unfortunately, the person writing the article chooses to remain anonymous and provided NO backup for his/her theory.  The person who posted the link had obviously NOT done any research of their own and therefore, people are going to be running around to fight something that we don't even know for sure is a real problem yet.  How is this helping the conservative cause?

Our country is at a crossroads and we have one chance to take it back.  Next November we will either make the most of that chance or we will continue to allow the left to take us down the path to socialism.  Make your choice people.  Either stand firm and fight the battles that actually need fighting, or fall for every little trick of the left and lose the war.  As for Candi, Patton and I...we're planning on fighting what needs to be fought.  We will not follow every conspiracy.  We will not be distracted by attacks on candidates.  And most of all, we will not lose sight of the end goal!  We are in it to win!

Every night before bed, Candi and I talk about what we've done or learned that day.  It's amazing to me how much time we spend trying to verify information.  The wonderful thing about the web is that everyone can contribute.  The bad thing about the web is that everyone can contribute.  It's a double-edged sword and unfortunately, most people aren't willing to do their own research and end up falling for everything they read.  It can be discouraging to those of us that are doing our research.  We're constantly having to point out the other side or show why the article they read isn't infallible.

Please people, look past the headline and read the article.  Then, after you've read it, see if you can find out anything about the author.  Check to see if they're credible.  Look at their sources and see if those are credible.  If anything doesn't seem quite right, ask someone else for help in verifying.  Together we can make a difference.  To insure that we are together, let's verify before posting and stay focused on the issues at hand.  It is the only way to take back our country and to keep it.