Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Babysitter's Rights...Are You Kidding?

A few days ago, my "nosy rosy" human was up before dawn going to various states' websites and checking upcoming legislation.  All of a sudden she jumps up and yells, "You've got to be kidding!"

Naturally I was curious, so I trotted over to see what all the hulabaloo was about.  She began to read it to me and I began to see why she was outraged.  The state of California has decided that "domestic workers" should be given the same compensation and benefits that employees of companies receive.  These include minimum wage, workers compensation benefits, overtime, breaks and a whole slew of things.  Let me break it down for you:

If Candi and I lived in California, she would have to provide all of the above mentioned things for a "caretaker" for me if NO family member was available.  She'd even have to provide a backup person so that the original babysitter could have a break every two hours!  That means, she'd have to hire two people.  She'd also be required to send in paperwork to the state regarding workers compensation insurance for both of those people.  Are they trying to make sure our humans or parents can't have a night out?  How does forcing this kind of legislation down their throats help the economy?

"It doesn't help the economy," Candi said.  "What it does is create more beauracracy, prevent people from going out to eat or to the movies, or even taking "romantic vacations" without the kiddies!"

The worst part is that silly legislation like this is passed everyday in every part of the country.  These silly laws end up affecting the entire nation.  And more often than not, what happens in one part of the country, happens across the country.

One example is the textbook debate that went on in Texas a year or so ago.  TFN, a non-profit organization that operates under the guise of promoting freedom of religion, wanted all references to religion taken out of history textbooks.  Because Texas is the largest buyer of textbooks, if they had gotten their way, those references would have been removed from history books across the nation. 

It only takes liberals getting their foot into one door, and BAM....a virus has infected our nation!  We can't sit back on the sidelines content to watch the nightly news and complain on Facebook about the state of the nation.  We must pay attention to what is going on in politics on the local and state levels as well.  Most of all, we must develop networks of people to watch their communities and spread the word when legislation like this is up for debate.  Face it people, more often than not...As Goes One State, So Goes The Nation!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Mother Nature Sending A Message?

While watching the news last night and this morning I began to wonder if Mother Nature isn't trying to tell D.C. something.  Stop and think about it.  First, we have an earthquake that rattles the greater D.C. area and now a hurricane is headed directly for the East Coast.  I decided I'd ask my human what she thought.

"Candi, what do you think about the earthquake and the hurricane headed toward D.C.," I asked.

"Well, Shasta, I think that the founding fathers finally got the news about what is currently going on this country and began rolling over in their graves and that is what caused the earthquake.  As for the hurricane, I think it's Mother Nature's way of telling those morons in D.C. that they're on the verge of being fired."

I couldn't help but giggle.  Obviously they aren't listening to us, so Mother Nature may be trying to lend us a hand in getting their attention.  It kinda makes  It's time D.C. listen to somebody!

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Human - 1; Cowardly Progressive - 0

Yesterday afternoon my human opened her Facebook email to find an attack against her by someone too cowardly to allow her a response.  Score one for her!  That's right, I said it.  The man had brought up two subjects that she had never brought up in any postings and then called her a very foul name.  That took real guts on his part....NOT!!!!

It's easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and sling mud.  It's a lot harder to post your viewpoint openly and with courage.  To launch an attack in such a way and then block a response from your target....well, that's just cowardly!  So, in my humble opinion, my human scores and the coward accomplishes nothing!

Candi has often said to me, "You aren't doing it right if they aren't coming at you!"  I have to agree.  She obviously irritated this person tremendously and his frustration at not being able to come at her with facts resulted in his showing his total lack of class.  He also showed that he's never really read anything she's posted.  I know this because of the issues he commented on.  They were two issues that she steadfastly refuses to debate.  My human freely admits that she doesn't agree with Conservatives on every issue and because of it, will not debate what she feels are personal issues.

Having said all of that, to the person who so cowardly attacked her that way...why don't you show yourself and debate her with her own words?  Show us that she involved herself in the debate on those two issues.  Until you do that, we suggest you crawl back in the hole you came from and make room for your compadres who aren't afraid to debate her!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

TEA Party Dogs

Dear Congress:

I have a message from the TEA Party Dogs.  WE ARE OVER IT!  Our humans are sick and tired of your refusal to STOP spending and the blame game you insist on playing with each other. Our humans can't seem to stop worrying about the state of this country long enough to play fetch with us anymore.  They have stopped allowing us to lay our heads on their laps while they scratch us behind the ears, because they are too busy wringing their hands together while trying to figure out how to make ends meet.  Some of us have even heard them talking about sending us away because they can't afford our food anymore.  We don't blame our humans.  They are merely reacting to your idiotic refusal to stop spending and the fear of higher taxes.  They are reacting to your constant refusal to accept responsibility and insisting that it is their fault!  The TEA Party Dogs will not allow you to keep doing this to our humans!

So here is the deal.  Everytime one of you behaves in a way that clearly indicates you don't give a flip about the American people, a member of the TEA Party Dogs will come to Washington and bite you on the rear.  Hopefully, it will only take you once to learn your lesson.  We are fully prepared to do it as often as necessary until you do, though!  And just for the record, you guys don't taste very good so this is NOT something we would enjoy doing.  We just want you to understand how serious we are!  It's time to grow up Washington and do the right thing!

TEA Party Dog

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Obama, You Can't Be Serious!

While my human was away in Miami, America's credit rating was downgraded and the very first thing Obama and his cronies did?  Blame the TEA party.  Really?  Excuse me while I give you the "Have You Lost Your Mind?" look.

Members of the TEA party called their representatives in Washington to say, "Reduce spending, balance the budget and cap it".  This is exactly what the credit rating agencies wanted.  So...why is it our fault that America was downgraded?  It makes no sense to us dogs that the White House would blame the TEA party.

"Shasta, you must remember that the current administration lives in a fantasy world where they are always right and WE are always wrong," Candi said.

Maybe she's right, but I just can't understand how someone can see their policies failing and continue to think they're infallible!  I know I'm just a dog, but...really?

So here is how it should work (according to my human).  We have elections and elections have consequences.  We elect representatives who are expected to keep our best interests in mind when creating and passing legislation.  They are supposed to listen to us when we express our thoughts. 

This is how it currently works.  Our elected officials decide that we are stupid and don't know any better.  They ignore us and ram unwanted and unneccessary legislation and regulation down our throats.  Then they blame us when it doesn't turn out like they want.

So my question is...Mr. Obama, are you serious?  You can't possibly be so delusional that you honestly believe that your policies are working and people like my human are just too stupid to see it! 

"Candi," I said, "I believe change is good.  But I don't care how you dress it up, when you step in the kind of change I leave behind, it still stinks!"

"Well said, Shasta," she replied.  "That is why we must keep up the fight to remove the stench in Washington, disinfect D.C., and replace it with new change that leaves a pleasant scent behind!"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama Is Like Rebel (Nathan's "Special Needs" Dog)

We all know that I'm an intelligent dog.  My human has taken great pains to teach me about politics, how government in the U.S. is actually supposed to work, and about life in general.  Her brother's dog, Rebel, is a different story.  It doesn't matter what you do to teach him something or to break a behavior, he keeps doing the opposite.  In my humble doggie opinion, I think this is similar to Obama's way of doing things.  He just doesn't seem to learn.  So....I talked to my favorite human, Candi, about it.

"You know how everyone in the family keeps talking about that Fourth of July when Nathan's dog, Rebel, decided to eat fireworks as they were exploding?"

"Yes," Candi said as she started to giggle about it again.

"I know it was painful to Rebel everytime one of those exploded in his mouth.  Why didn't he stop?  Why couldn't Rebel leave the fireworks alone?  He would have been better off if he had," I told her.

"Well, Shasta, some people and dogs just don't learn.  Most of us learn our lessons, especially after getting hurt by something, but some NEVER learn.  They keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again," Candi explained.

"Candi, I know that I'm a dog and my IQ is that of a two-year old child.  But I know that when something is painful, you don't do it again.  So here is my question...Why does Obama keep doing the same thing over and over again?  Why does he keep playing the blame card?  Surely he has figured out that the American people aren't buying what he's selling anymore."

Candi got a thoughtful look on her face and then smiled when she said, "Because he's like Rebel.  He just doesn't comprehend the fact that his actions, and those of the people he has surrounded himself with, are going to keep backfiring on him.  Apparently, Pelosi and Reid keep applying balm to his burned fingers and, as a result, he hasn't figured out it's going to keep burning!"

"Well do you think the American voters have learned their lesson," I asked.

"I think so," Candi said.  "Stop and think about it Shasta.  Almost all the polls are showing his disapproval ratings going up and his approval ratings going down.  His constant references to Reagan are bunk, and those of us who grew up in that era know it!  Even his biggest supporters in Hollywood are beginning to turn on him."

"Then I have hope," I said. "I also have faith that humans like you will continue to cry out against the uncontrolled spending and liberal policies that are taking away our individual freedoms.  I have faith in people like you who will stand in the gap and hold the line to protect the greatness that is America.  And I have faith that in 2012 we will vote out a President that reminds me of Nathan's "special needs" dog."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Human In Miami

My human has gone off to Miami for a long weekend of fun in the sun.  Since I have no hands with fingers, I'm completely unable to post any blogs for a few days.  I really think she should do something about doggie discrimination so that I'm not left behind ever again.  Can I get an Amen?  I will be back on Monday to begin posting again and am sure I will have a lot to say!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm A Terrorist Hobbit (LMFBO)

For the past few weeks, during the "debt-ceiling" debate, Tea Party activists and conservatives have consistently been called names for refusing to budge in their convictions.  This began to bother me.  I mean, really, how can they call ME a terrorist?  I'm one of the most friendly and lovable creatures on the planet.  I didn't understand this at all, so I decided to talk to my human about it.

"Why am I a hobbit, terrorist or "self-serving hypocrite" because I believe the government should live within its means," I asked.

With a look of understanding on her face, Candi simply said, "When a person has no valid argument to make for their side, they often resort to name-calling.  It's their way of making themselves feel better about who they are."

"Well, that's kinda stupid," I said.

I thought on it some more.  Then I decided that I am in no way a terrorist.  Sarah Palin got it right last night on Hannity when she said, "If we were truly terrorist, President Obama would be hanging out with us."  I also decided that I'm in no way a "self-serving hypocrite".  If I were, I wouldn't be busting my doggie butt to learn things that will enable me to visit with returning soldiers in the hospital.  The last thing I decided was, I like being a hobbit.  I've seen those movies with my human and I know that they never gave up, they never wavered in their belief of what is right, AND they won the battle.

After expressing this thought to my favorite human, we decided that since we like being hobbits so much we'd go find our Hobbit names.  I am Ruby Sandybanks of Frogmorton and Candi will now be known as Petunia Sandybanks of Frogmorton.

It still bothered me, though.  All the name calling and mud slinging just seems so...childish.  So Petunia gave me a hug, smiled and said, "Ruby, if they weren't calling you names, you wouldn't be doing it right!" (you'll notice we used our hobbit names) Immediately I felt better and to show my thanks I promptly licked her face, rolled over for her to scratch my belly and then went to get my favorite tennis ball for a game of fetch. 

Yes, I may be a terrorist hobbit, but at least I stand for something and don't fall for every bit of nonsense coming out of D.C.  So...keep calling me names and trying to bring us down.  Every time you do, we'll find a way to make lemonade out of the lemons you just threw at us!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want More

"Candi, I've decided you need to raise your debt ceiling," I said this morning while watching morning talk shows with my favorite human.

"What?  Shasta, why would I need to raise my debt ceiling?"

I calmly explained to her, in a voice you'd use to explain something to a child, that I felt she needed a house on the beach in the Caribbean, a house in the Canadian Rockies, a new house here, and that I need an airconditioned two-story dog house at each location.  We can't have all of that if she doesn't raise her "debt ceiling".

"Oh, I see," she said.  "Shasta, let me get this straight.  You aren't content with what we have, so I'm supposed to increase my debt in able for us to have things you WANT above and beyond what you NEED."


"Shasta, I can barely afford to pay back the debt we have now.  If I were to increase my debt, it would eventually reach the point where I couldn't afford to pay it back.  Do you understand what that means?  There would be no more money available for your "diet doggie food", there would be no more money to put gas in the car to take you to the dog park so you can play with your friends, and there would be no more money to pay for you to go to the vet," she replied.

Now, at this point I'm becoming a little aggravated that she doesn't see it my way.  I try to be patient.  She is just a human after all.  AND, she's a conservative woman without a man to explain it to her!  "Listen," I said, "If the government can keep borrowing money to pay their bills, you can too."

Candi looked at me for a moment with utter confusion on her face.  Then it finally dawned on her...I was kidding.  Dogs don't care about what you have and don't have.  We don't care if we get the "cheap" food versus the "designer" food.  We just want our needs met.  It's time Congress take the attitude of us dogs and get serious about what we NEED versus what we WANT.  Americans NEED jobs, not handouts!  Americans NEED to feel safe at night when they go to bed, they don't want to worry about a terrorist blowing up their home!  Americans NEED to know that the money they paid into Social Security will be there when they need it.  But what Americans NEED most is to KNOW their elected officials have their best interests in mind.

For too long, we have allowed the "honorable" men and women in D.C. to put what they WANT before the NEEDS of the American people. Let's continue to send the message that we DEMAND they start spending less, borrowing less and STOP putting themselves above the American People! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Government Is Like A Tick On A Dog


"What is it, Shasta?" Candi asked as she came running.

"I have a tick on my eyelid.  Help me get it off."

Candi immediately got the alcohol and a pair of tweezers.  This is NOT one of her favorite things, so I sat patiently while she cringed and gagged through the entire process.  Then it struck me how like a tick government is.  If you don't take care of it right away, it'll suck every ounce of blood it can and swell to unbelievable dimensions.  That is what is happening in our government today.

When Obama was elected in 2008, Nancy Pelosi decided she could drain the blood out of taxpayers whether they liked it or not and government began to swell.  Remember "You have to pass it to find out what's in it?"  Just like a tick, Nancy latched on to healthcare and made it so big we couldn't see anymore.  We know we have to stop this.  America needs to get out the alcohol and tweezers, remove the parasite, cleanse the wound to prevent any infections and pre-treat the animal against future parasites.  In a way, America did just that with the mid-term elections in 2010, we just didn't get the head of the parasite so the infection is still present.  We can't pre-treat until we cleanse, and I have to think that at this point...we're going to need a lot of alcohol to cleanse the wound.

C'mon America.  Get out the biggest bottle of disinfectant you have and let's clean up the infection that is the Washington, D.C. establishment.  It's time we get rid of the parasites, give the dog a good bath, and pre-treat against future parasites!


My Human And SGS11

Candi went to the SmartGirl Summit in St. Louis this past weekend.  I think it highly unfair that there was a "no dogs except service dogs" policy, but, oh well!  So she got to go have a great time discussing politics with hundreds of other SmartGirls while I got stuck with Nathan the Nazi and his "special needs" dog.  I'm glad to have her back though.

The moment I saw her car pull in I knew I was being rescued and couldn't wait to get home to hear all about the conference.  After listening patiently to her excited recap of her experience, I came to a decision.  She will NEVER be allowed to go to another without me!

I would have liked to hear Herman Cain and the others.  I would have enjoyed the training by American Majority and FreedomWorks.  And I definitely would have enjoyed meeting all the really cool SmartGirls she got to meet!  Doggie discrimination has got to be stopped!

"Candi," I said, "I'm really glad you had a great time, but I think I should go with you next time!"  She agreed. 

"So," Candi said, "What did you do this weekend?"

"As usual, I kept myself busy watching politics and wishing I had hands instead of four feet.  I could have been calling D.C. and telling them what I thought of their stupid compromises if I'd been able," I said. "But NOOOOOO, you had to be in St. Louis and Nathan wouldn't dial the phone for me!"

Candi immediately decided to make up for it and helped me shoot off several emails to Congress.  I just wonder what they think about a dog being smarter than the entire 535 of them?  You know they have to be scratching their heads and thinking, "That dog has a point.  Wish I'd thought of it first!"

Anyway, Candi was energized, inspired and more determined than ever that the two of us would continue our mission to take back this great country.  We hope you'll join us in fighting the good fight.

Liberal By Birth; Conservative By The Grace Of God

I was born a liberal.  I don't have a job and I am totally dependent on another "functioning" member of society for all of my needs and wants.  I have no plans to change this, either.  You see, I am a dog.  But fortunately for me, a human has rescued me from total uselessness.  She's a true conservative and American Patriot and I have been truly blessed that God saw fit to place me in her home.  My path to conservatism began like this:

One day my human and I were watching the news and I shocked her by suddenly speaking.  I simply said, "I wish I could contribute to society instead of sitting around all day watching TV, eating and getting fat."  She was stunned.  Wouldn't you be if your dog suddenly spoke to you in your own language?  Once the shock wore off, my human said to me, "I can help you with that."  And my switch to conservatism began.

We started with the simple basics of her teaching me how government should work and the differences between liberals and conservatives.  As she explained I became embarrassed that I had been born a liberal.  Then we talked about Patriotism and how WE could give back to our country.  Now, we're in training for Therapy Dogs International so that I can become a certified service dog and visit with returning soldiers that have been wounded defending this great country.  How cool is that?

My human and I talk a great deal about politics and the state of the country.  She thinks I'm smarter than Obama and, in my humble opinion, I am.  I know for a fact that I'm smarter than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.  I often wonder what delusion those guys live under. 

I'll never forget when Pelosi made the statement, "You have to pass the bill if you want to know what's in it."  I thought my human would never recover from laughing when I said, "Really? Nancy, have you lost your mind?" 

I know that for most of you a talking dog who blogs is quite a stretch, but what can I say?  God blessed me by placing me in a home of Conservative values and Patriotism.  And thanks to that, I have been taught and encouraged to try and make a difference by my human.  So, although I was born a liberal, I am now a conservative fighting the fight with my human and I thank the Good Lord for it everyday.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.