Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Remembrance of 9/11

This morning began as usual.  My human got up, we worked on Therapy Dogs International training, she took me outside to drop my Obama, had her coffee and caught up on emails.  Then she tuned into the coverage of the 9/11 memorial services and she began to cry.

"Candi, I don't understand your tears," I said.

Very quietly and with a solemn expression in her tear filled eyes Candi said, "It's simple to explain.  Terrorists attacked this country in a vile and cowardly way ten years ago today.  Thousands of innocent lives were lost that day.  Lives are still being lost as our men and women overseas fight to prevent that kind of attack from ever happening again.  I cry for those who were lost, I cry for those left behind, and I cry for those fighting to protect us."

I had nothing to say.  I was moved beyond words at the sheer love my human has for her country, her fellow man and those fighting to preserve our freedoms.  So I lay my head in her lap, nudged her hand to lay on my head and together we closed our eyes to say a prayer in rememberance of 9/11.

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