Monday, October 31, 2011

This Halloween Is Just Too Scary

This year I am dressing as Nancy Pelosi and Patton is dressing as Harry Reid for Halloween.  Candi will be wearing a t-shirt that says, "I'm with dumb and dumber".  We think that's appropriate!  However, the reality is, "dumb and dumber" have helped to do more to destroy our country than any other leaders in recent history.  Here are just a couple of examples for you to consider.

Pelosi pushed Obamacare down our throats.  Yes, she bullied as many members of the House of Representatives into voting for the most damaging piece of legislation in American history.  Those that she couldn't bully...she bribed.  I give you Blanche Lincoln as an example.  Regardless of Americans standing up at townhalls all across the country, democrats in Washington rammed this down our throats without a second thought.  And all this was done by Nancy Pelosi and the stranglehold she had on members of the House.

Harry Reid deliberately holds up proceedings on any bill submitted to the Senate by John Boehner and the House.  He refuses to allow debate or votes on anything the GOP sends over.  This is also destructive to America.  It's as if he doesn't want anything getting through that will restore America and put us back on the road to economic recovery.  We have to wonder why.  Yes, we know that it's because, just like all liberals, he believes that they know better than everyday people like you and me.  However, we do know what is best for our households and our families.  After all, aren't we the ones living our lives?  The audacity of Reid and others like him thinking they know more than we do just blows my doggie mind.

Both of these people have made it easy for Obama to implement his socialist style of governing.  And, as Candi told me, "If the American people don't vote appropriately in 2012, we may never get our country on the right track again.  We cannot allow the left to keep us on the path to socialism."  Therefore, it seems appropriate for Patton and I to go dressed as "dumb and dumber" for Halloween this year.  For they are two of the scariest people in all of American History.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why PETA Is Not Good For Me

So Candi, Patton and I are sitting at home on a cold rainy night watching movies and surfing the net.  We're having a good time and all of sudden I hear, "Good grief!  What next?" coming from Candi.  Immediately I perked up because I knew we were about to discuss something so absolutely's funny.  Sure enough...PETA has provided the entertainment for tonight. 

I listened patiently as Candi read an article to Patton and I about PETA filing a lawsuit against SeaWorld for enslaving killer whales.  Now, I saw the ridiculousness of this immediately but Patton thought it was good.  He's just a puppy so we have to overlook some things.  I took it upon myself to explain.

"Patton, think about it this way.  If you and I were to be taken away from Candi because she 'makes' us write blogs, we'd have to go out into the world to fend for ourselves.  No longer would our every need be provided for.  There would be no more cuddling with her or any other human in bed on cold winter nights.  No more water and food bowls filled twice a day, no more warm dry place to sleep and we'd probably end up with a fatal disease," I told him.  "Those killer whales and other sea life that Sea World takes care of have never been in the wild.  They've been dependent on humans their entire lives and probably won't last very long if PETA gets their way and the whales are released into the wild."

As Patton began to cry, Candi picked him up and set him in her lap.  "Don't worry, Patton.  I won't let that happen," she said.  "Shasta, that was mean to frighten Patton that way!"  I immediately hung my head in shame (and tried very hard not to let her see me grinning). 

Now, I know ya'll think I'm mean.  But...I also know ya'll know I'm right!  PETA would have all of us that are content with the humans in our lives released into the wild to fend for ourselves.  How is that "ethical treatment of animals"?  It isn't!  PETA doesn't work for me or those killer whales. 

Also, it's just silly.  Why do our courts need to be tied up with a lawsuit so ridiculous?  That is just more taxpayer money wasted.  Animals don't consider themselves slaves!  We consider ourselves part of the family.  I'm pretty sure that if those killer whales could talk, they'd tell us all that they're quite content to do a few tricks in exchange for having their every need met.  Think about it people!  As animals dependent on humans we never worry about where our next meal is coming from, our health or where we might have to find shelter for the night.  I say those killer whales have it pretty good, just like me!

PETA is not good for us animals.  If anything, they are just another tick on humanity trying to suck the lifeblood out of everyone.  I'm currently organizing a protest of animals against PETA and their ridiculous idea that we're human!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

You know you love that line from Forrest Gump.  We all do.  And think about just how true it is.  A prime example is the "occupiers". 

Candi and I were discussing this last night after reading about Michael Moore's stupid statement that the Oakland protesters were not violent and that it was the police who were rioting.  As we all know, Michael Moore is a hero of the left AND many of the occupiers believe in his anti-capitalist views.  See....stupid is as stupid does!

"Shasta, would you like another example of how true that movie line is?  Look at the Washington Post's smear campaign against Marco Rubio.  Because he his a young, good-looking man of Cuban descent AND a Republican in the Senate, they've decided to pull out all the stops and try to discredit him.  Even to the point of trying to use their own unverified and poorly investigated past material," Candi said.

"Now that is just plain dumb!  Didn't that story just come out on Sunday and was debunked by Monday?" I asked.

"Yep, like the movie line says, Shasta....stupid is as stupid does."

When are liberals going to get it?  Do they not realize that these attacks just make them look foolish when the truth comes out?  So here is some advice to those liberals continuing to make these idiotic accusations.

Michael Moore:  There is video proving you're wrong.  Why you think you can get away with an accusation like you made, is beyond me when we have more than enough evidence to show you are lying.  So...shut up!  You look ridiculous!

Washington Post Reporters:  Everytime you do a smear campaign and it gets lose credibility. a little more research, take your time and get it right BEFORE you print the story.  We don't mind if you catch our politicians doing something wrong, as long as you get it right.  As conservatives, we are more than happy to hold their feet to the fire, we just prefer to do it over something legit!

All in all, for liberals everywhere...we love the movie line but we don't need you proving it to us conservatives on a daily basis.  Just giving ya'll some food for thought is all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joe Biden: A Big Baby

As Candi and I have been watching the news, we've been giggling over Joe Biden's crying.  Apparently he is upset that a reporter had the audacity to question his statements regarding murder rates doubling and rapes tripling in Flint, MI.  Really Joe?  C' a man and own up to the fact that you got it wrong!

"Seriously Shasta, if the man would just own up to the fact that he got it wrong we could get past it.  Instead he calls for an investigation to see if any Senate rules were broken by the reporter.  Ughhhh....these liberals whining every time they get caught making up things just gets under my skin," Candi said to me this morning.

"I don't understand what the problem is.  He is obviously the "gaffe machine du jour". Why do his people let him walk around saying stupid things?  And why doesn't he just own up to his limited intelligence and let America get over it?" I asked.

"Because, if liberals admitted when they made mistakes they'd lose the support of the sheeples that follow them.  He isn't Bill Clinton, after all.  No one can but Bill could lie about something, get busted, AND still come out relatively unscathed.  You have to have charisma to pull that off and let's face it, Joe Biden doesn't have any charisma whatsoever.  Besides, Obama needs Biden to make him look smarter than he is," Candi told me.

She's probably right.  I watch the news all day while Candi is running around getting errands done and everytime I see Joe on TV, I feel bad for the guy.  I really do.  He isn't very attractive, his sense of humor is lacking, and he never stops to check facts before opening his mouth.  Joe Biden is the epitome of liberals who think they know more than conservatives, but end up looking ridiculous because they haven't done their homework.  Because of his constant "foot in mouth" disease, he really does make Obama look good.

So, Candi and I thought we'd offer a little advice to Joe Biden's handlers.  Get the man a teleprompter and don't let him speak without it.  Maybe then he'd stop whining everytime someone calls him on his unverified facts, unintelligible rants and his overall lack of a filter between brain and mouth. 
Seriously, he is supposed to be representing the greatest country on Earth and you people let him walk around with his foot dangerously close to his mouth at all times. 

Candi and I would never let that happen to our boss!  Of course, she's just your average everyday lady and I'm just a dog so...what do we know?  Our filters between brain and mouth don't always work, but we at least TRY to get it right. 

One last thing for Joe:  Stop being a baby and crying because you got caught!  Grow up and take responsibility for NOT verifying your information before sharing it!  Oh wait, you're a liberal and that's beyond your capabilities!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have Better Things To Do

Dear Occupiers:

I have much better things to do with my time than to worry about your poor personal hygiene, your unclear goals (you're protesting the wrong people) AND your desire to be on TV.  In case you haven't noticed, the very people you are protesting are the very people that gave Obama and other liberals millions of dollars to turn you into the zombies you are.  If you had truly done a little homework, you would have known this and you'd be camped out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue instead of these parks around the country.

Unlike the TEA Party, you don't have any real agenda.  You're just a bunch of spoiled brats that are mad because you didn't get a bailout.  Would you like to know something?  Not one American citizen has received the help/bailout that your precious Obama promised in 2008.  And you're blaming the banks for this?  Hello?  Put your crack pipes down and come back to reality people!  The White House, the House of Representatives, AND the Senate are all responsible for the banks doing what they did.  That's right!  The people you elected (liberals mostly) allowed this to happen and you want to be mad at the people who took advantage of it?  Give me a break!

Go home!  Stop blaming others for your laziness.  Get off your butts and do something worthwhile.  Otherwise, shut up because we're tired of your incessant and incoherent whining!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rules Are Only For Conservatives

My human and I had an incident this morning with a neighbor.  Here is the story.

This woman had no problem complaining about me not being on a leash coming down the stairs of our building.  It didn't matter that my human could barely walk and having me on a leash might cause her to fall and hurt herself even more.  The neighbor didn't think that was ok at all.  She said to my human, "You need to have your dog on a leash at all times!"  The woman was hateful and extremely condescending! 

Later, when we went out again, we noticed her getting into her car and that it had an Obama 2012 sticker on the back.  Candi looked down at me, shook her head and said, "That explains a great deal right there!  Don't you agree, Shasta?"  I gave her my doggie snort in agreement.

Well, it seems that it's ok for her NOT to have her dogs on a leash at all times.  This morning, as we were returning from the tree line, our neighbor and her two small dogs crossed our path.  One was on a leash and one wasn't.  The one that was not, bared its teeth and growled at me then proceeded to charge me.  The moment Candi saw what was about to happen, she grabbed me with both hands to keep me from rushing the dog that was charging me.  I stayed, the little dog kept coming and decided to bite me on my front left leg.

Now, I'm not going to tell you people what my human did but suffice it to say that I seriously doubt that the woman will ever yell or be hateful to my human again!  I will say this:  It's amazing how often liberals cry foul when a conservative breaks a law or rule, but it's perfectly ok for them to do so.  Two prime examples of this...I got bit this morning and OWS people are still defecating on police cars, blocking traffic and preventing clean up in parks across the country.  BUT, if I had been the one to bite her dog she would have demanded my human be punished; AND if my TEA Party friends had done what the OWS people are doing, the media would be all over it demanding that our government put a stop to it.

Isn't it amazing how rules are only for conservatives?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Holidays Not PC Enough...Oh, Jeez!

Sometimes liberals just get too ridiculous for words.  This is NOT one of those times.  Seriously people, let's not celebrate Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and for heaven's sake don't let your children dress up as their favorite cartoon character for Halloween.  Really? Candi and I were not actually surprised by this, but we were disappointed to see another school system going overboard in the PC department.

I did ask Candi what the big deal is about these particular holidays.  She explained that Columbus Day and Thanksgiving seem to be insensitive to native American's because the Europeans didn't treat them very well.  But here's the thing that no one seems to consider...native Americans weren't totally innocent either!  Let's look at the holidays mentioned one at a time, shall we?

One, Columbus discovered the Americas.  No one is really sure if he landed in North or South America the first time or if he truly is the first European to step on the soil of the "New World".  What we do know for certain is that he is credited with it.  So, in our very humble opinion, give the man credit for having the gumption to make a dangerous journey and discovering this wonderful new land.  We understand that Europeans settling in the new world did not always get along with the indigenous peoples here, but they were far from being the only guilty party.  Our history tells us that many Native Americans attacked settlers without provocation.  Just saying...there are always two sides to every story and both need to be considered equally.

Two, Thanksgiving.  For some reason this holiday seems to truly upset liberals and for the life of me, I can't figure out why.  When you look at the history of the holiday, isn't it a celebration of the cooperation between Native Americans and settlers?  Yes, there were atrocities later and the Europeans did bring disease that hadn't been here, but the holiday itself represents what can be accomplished with understanding and a willingness to cooperate.  So...get over it people!  Celebrate the spirit of the holiday and try to open your minds and hearts.  Maybe, just maybe, then you will realize that working together gets a person farther than going it alone!

Last, Halloween.  Now this one upset Candi big time.  Apparently this school principal told the teachers to ask children not to dress up.  Her response was somewhat humorous to me.  She said, "Shasta, this is absolutely over the top!  It's Halloween.  It's a fun thing for children to dress up and walk around saying trick or treat.  But because a child might dress up as something someone else finds offensive, none get to dress up.  Jeez...they are children and most of them don't even understand political correctness.  Most will go as their favorite Disney princess or cartoon character.  What is wrong with this principal that she would deny school children a little fun once a year?"  AND, Candi informed me that this particular holiday has always been offensive to some people and religious organizations.  So what is the big deal?  C'mon...don't take away the kiddie's fun just because you don't like it.  That's just mean!

Here is our point: Americans have gotten so concerned that they MIGHT upset someone that they don't want to celebrate anything.  They want to take away anything that may or may not represent more than one point of view.  No one is saying everyone has to celebrate, but don't try to punish everyone.  If you don't like the in sick and stay home, but for Pete's sake...let the rest of us enjoy it!

This is the link to the story:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Martian Math Doesn't Work On Earth

The section of Obamacare called, CLASS, is not going to be implemented.  Want to know why?  Because actuaries figured out that you can't make martian math work on Earth.  That's right, the math the liberals used for this doesn't work.  Candi and I discussed it this morning and no matter which way we tried to "spin" it, the math doesn't work.

CLASS is the part of Obamacare that addresses long-term care for the disabled.  To make it work, you'd have to have 230 million people enrolled in the program.  The premise is that with enough people enrolled , the program could be paid for by the money that those who are working are putting in.  Do we have 230 million people in the workforce?  No!

"Candi, according to the experts, there is absolutely no way this can work.  What made the Obama administration think it would?" I asked.

"Shasta, the fundamental flaw of any socialized program is that it is funded by taxpayer monies.  If you don't have enough people paying in, you can't sustain the program.  This isn't just a flaw in this particular part of Obamacare, it is THE major flaw in all of Obama's policies.  He doesn't understand that there aren't enough working people to subsidize the non-working people," she said.

Candi and I tried doing the math on Obama's policies before and we came to the conclusion that NO math actually works.  No matter which way you add, subtract, multiply or divide, the numbers will not come out in a way that makes these programs sustainable.  When are liberals going to understand this?  It isn't just Obamacare that the numbers won't work for, it's everything the man and his party want to do.

Somehow, we have to make people understand that no matter how you work the numbers, martian math just won't work here on Earth!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Student

Last week my human surprised me with the best gift ever!  A new playmate.  Patton is a six week old puppy that Candi brought home...she can't resist doggie faces!  Immediately we sat down and had a discussion about the training of Patton.  It had to be understood that he would also be educated in American history and civics!

"Shasta, you are worrying about nothing!  Of course I'm going to teach Patton history and civics.  Just like you, I want him to grow up to be a great TEA Party dog and one that supports the military," Candi told me.

I felt better right away.  The best part about the whole thing, I get to help Candi teach Patton all the things he's going to need to know.  WooHoo!  I can't wait.  Patton is going to be the best TEA Party dog ever and he's going to be a great help to Candi and Therapy Dogs International. 

Now, when Candi and I have our political chats, we'll be teaching Patton about it.  Isn't that exciting?  What a great thing to be able to share ideas and shape the future.  Candi has often said that we "teach by example".  In other words, it isn't enough to say have to live it.  Maybe together, we can help inspire others to pass along what they know. 

Maybe we can also lead by example when we have a disagreement and subsequent debate.  Wouldn't that be cool?  After some of the debates we've witnessed between people on the same side, it would be nice to show that you can disagree without resorting to name calling and accusations.

Ladies and gentleman, I am embarking on a new adventure.  An adventure full of learning and sharing.  This is going to be FUN!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being Seen Does Not Equal Being Effective

There is definitely more than one way to make your voice heard. 

Candi is forever sending emails, making phone calls and signing petitions.  She also attends rallies and demonstrations in support of smaller government and less spending.  You may not see her and her friends on the news, but they are still making their voices heard in government.

On the other hand, you can congregate in large numbers and have sex on the street, do drugs, defecate on police cars, burn the American flag and bear your breasts to get the attention of the "lame stream media" without having a cohesive or coherent message.

Now, I ask you...which is more effective?  The quiet and respectful, or the loud and obnoxious?  I'm with my human on this and prefer the first!

When asked, "Where is the TEA Party?", my human responded with the truth.  The TEA Party is quietly making it's voice heard through actions such as petitions, phone calls and emails.  They are busy spreading the word via social networking sites and organizing rallies such as the one she attended in Nashville over the weekend.  Just because you don't see them on the news, doesn't mean they aren't active.

To organize mass numbers to confront these "occupiers" would only result in escalating violence.  Do we really want people killing each other on the streets of America?  I think not.  I may be a dog, but I know that violence is not the answer.  And with Van Jones and Stephen Lerner actively encouraging these "occupy" people to invade the homes and terrify families of CEO's, along with forcefully occupying buildings, believe me...violence would ensue if large numbers showed up in an anti-protest.

Also, with members of Congress and Hollywood showing support for these "occupy" people, the main stream media would have no problem whatsoever convincing middle America that the TEA Party instigated the violence.  Would we do more harm than good if we showed up enmasse to fight these hairy and unwashed people?  Once again, I have to agree with my human in thinking that we would.

So here is my advice to those who think the TEA Party is silent now.  Either make use of that computer you're sitting in front of and email your representative or put it away and make a phone call.  It's easy to talk big on the social networking sites, it's a lot more difficult to put yourself out there and actually take action.  For those unable to actively participate at rallies and so forth but are making calls and sending emails...well done!  For those unwilling to do more than complain publicly and talk big via Facebook and Twitter...would you please get out of the way?  There are those of us who are actually doing something and you're thwarting our progress!

Monday, October 10, 2011

OWS and the TEA Party Movements

Today was one of those rare days when my human completely flipped out over some comments in the news.  Now this doesn't happen very often, but when it out!  When she begins to color the air blue with language, I sit back until she finally runs out of steam and then I go try to offer her some comfort.  Today took longer than usual for her to run out of steam.

"Have these political analysts on the left completely lost their minds?" she jumped up and asked.

She then began to pace up and down cursing with such vehemence and volume, that any sailor would be proud.  She ranted on and on about how stupid it was to compare the coherent message of cutting spending and smaller government of the TEA Party movement to the unclear and idiotic demands of the unwashed currently holding cities all over America hostage.  Finally, she began to calm down and I trotted over to lay my head on her lap to comfort her.

"Candi, why are they comparing what those people are doing to what you and your friends stand for," I asked.

She looked down with great sadness in her eyes and said, "Because, Shasta, the liberal media and the liberals in Congress don't want to admit that they've messed up.  They messed up when they forced Obamacare down our throats, they messed up with TARP and they're messing up with this insistence on funding 'green jobs' companies like Solyndra.  And those three things only scrape the surface.  They don't like the TEA Party demanding government get out of the way of the private sector.  They can't control us and it terrifies them.  But what made me so angry is the comparison.  I've been to dozens of rallies and have NEVER seen the kind of behavior that theses 'occupiers' are exhibiting.  To compare our rational and well behaved rallies to this demonstration where drugs are being openly used, people are defecating on police cars and American flags, and where the police are having to arrest hundreds is inexcusable to me."

Because I'm just a dog and don't fully understand I had to ask, "Why though?  What is it that offends you the most?"

She took a deep breath, counted to ten and said, "The TEA Party stands for less government and fiscal responsibility.  These 'occupy' people want big government and more spending.  We stand and salute the flag at rallies.  These people burn it and defecate on it.  We stand peacefully listening to speakers or singing along.  These people chant mindlessly the words of someone with a bull horn.  We clean up after our rallies and put everything back where we found it.  These people throw trash everywhere and make it impossible for anyone else to come in and pick it up.  We have a cohesive and short message.  These people take off their clothing and scream at buildings while holding up traffic.  We quietly and methodically contact our representatives in an attempt to get what we want.  These people scream and rant and rave until the media comes down with cameras and begins to sympathize with their plight.  We have worked for what we have.  They have lived off mom and dad.  We take responsibility for our actions.  They blame everyone else.  The media loves to paint us as violent, although they have no proof of us being unruly or violent.  They paint these people as peaceful, although there is ample evidence of their violence and hatred.  I have a real issue with the media bias on this and trying to get middle class America on the side of these protestors by comparing them to the TEA Party movement.  That is what I am so upset about tonight, Shasta."

I felt her pain and disgust at having the noble ideas and goals of the TEA Party movement compared to what these "occupiers" are doing.  I can see in her eyes the sadness at the thought that her Patriotism is being related to the anti-American rants of the unwashed.  Her total disappointment in elected officials condoning their vile behavior as opposed to condemning their public displays of drug use and sex was something I could not hide from.  It is a horrible thing for a dog not to be able to comfort her human.  But what comfort can I give her, when the country she loves so much is being handed to the socialists by the main-stream media.

When will middle America wake up and realize that they're being handed up like sacrificial lambs to the elite who would have them completely under control?  What will it take for the average Joe to see that the TEA Party movement is based on constitutional principles and that the people participating are law abiding citizens just trying to keep America great?  With comparisons like this one today, it will take even longer to undo the damage that is being done to this great country by the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman-Shultz, Stephen Lerner, Hoffa Jr., Obama and George Soros.  In the meantime, all I can do is stand with my human and say, "Anyone who thinks the OWS movement and the TEA Party movement are the same has lost their mind!  We suggest you put down your crack pipes, stop drinking the kool-aid and wake up before the very freedoms you grew up with are gone!"

Respectful Versus Disrespectful and Dogs

On Friday, my human left me behind while she went to Nashville for the "We Stand With Gibson" rally.  Naturally I was disappointed at being left behind, but I did understand the reasons for it.  Saturday evening she came home and after about twenty minutes of showing her how happy I was at her return, she went to get ready to head back out.  We didn't have any time to talk about her trip or the rally.  So yesterday, we spent the entire day cuddled on the sofa watching old movies and chatting about the rally and other events that were taking place during the weekend.

I told her about the coverage of the OWS I watched on TV and she told me about the various artists performing at the rally.  I told her about the struggle I had trying to use the Netbook and she told me about the rude person next to her at the hotel.  After a day spent discussing such things I came to a few conclusions.

One, according to liberals, my human is free to work hard as long she supports others that are unwilling to work.  As long as she isn't free-thinking enough to assume that what she earns is hers and doesn't belong to the village, they will let her go about her business uninterrupted or challenged.

Two, she is free to protest anything she wants as long as she is unruly, defecates on police vehicles and shows a total lack of respect for the environment they are so concerned about.  It is unseemly for her to attend a peaceful demonstration in support of hard work, American ingenuity and job creation such as the "We Stand With Gibson" rally in Nashville.

Three, she is free to worship however she chooses, as long as it isn't Christian worship.  Heaven forbid that she believe in God and the Ten Commandments.  She must choose to worship in the ways the ACLU deems best or risk being ostracized and sued by our government.

She is also free to attend any gathering where they don't sing the national anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance first.  The fact that most TEA Party events do begin with showing respect to our country is something that drives the ACLU up a wall, and we can't have that!  Lord knows we don't want to offend anyone by proudly standing with our hand over hearts and reciting the Pledge!

I find it interesting that my human would be told "God bless you for what you're doing" by the liberals if she were showing her breasts or showing disrespect for anyone in authority.  But showing respect and love for her country and the freedoms it was founded on gets her called ugly names and ostracized by the "intellectuals" of our time.  How is it possible that thinking for herself is condemned but the mindless chants of a crowd are applauded?

"Shasta, don't worry so much about what the liberal left thinks.  The simple fact is, my friends and I are obviously doing something right.  If we weren't, we wouldn't be under attack the way we are," she told me.

"Well be that as it may, I think the liberal left needs to get a sense of humor as well as some common decency.  They need to understand that their unwashed bodies, public use of drugs and unruly behavior is doing nothing but making them look ridiculous and childish.  Even dogs behave better than that!"

I may walk around on four legs, go to the bathroom outside in the woods and depend on my human for fundamental needs, but even I know that the liberal left has NO clue what it means to be patriotic.  They obviously have great disdain for anyone seeking to protect the very things that made this country great.  And by that very reasoning my last conclusion after talking with my human is this:  I'd rather be a dog and have the love of my neighbors than be a joke and disgrace to my country. 


Friday, October 7, 2011

OWS "Young, Spontaneous And Focused"....LMFBO

Today my human was on the road for most of the day and I was left behind to try and figure out how to use a very small Netbook.  This has not gone well since I have large paws and already have difficulty typing.  Finally, I get an email out to her asking her to call and when she did I immediately asked, "Did you hear about Pelosi saying the Occupy Wall Street protestors were young, spontaneous and focused?"  I waited patiently while she laughed hysterically. 

After a few minutes Candi told me that was one of the funniest things she'd heard all day.  Then she sent me a link to an article about the protestors and how nasty they were.  Now I  ask you, how can they be spontaneous and focused when they have pitched a tent city in a public park?  That doesn't make sense to me.  And how in the world can they be focused if everyone has a different message when being interviewed by the left-wing media in love with them?  I don't think either of those things are possible.

I can agree with one thing Pelosi said.  They are young.  Unlike the TEA Party crowd made up mostly of "grown-ups", this crowd has made an enormous mess of Zucotti Park in NYC.  Their tent city has prevented the park owner from properly maintaining the property since September 16th.  As a result, trash is piling up, the park hasn't been pressure washed and what few facilities there are for people to "relieve themselves" hasn't been cleaned.  Only the young would go for weeks without a shower or brushing their teeth, throw trash around everywhere and then deficate in facilities that are definitely unclean.  My one thought, ewwwwwwwwwwww!  Even I go look for a clean place in the woods to my business and I'm a dog!

"Candi, do they not realize how gross their behavior is?  Do they not realize that their selfishness has shut down a park that others would like to enjoy?  Even after they pack up and go home, the mess they will leave behind will probably take days to clean up."

"Shasta, these occupiers are young and they are selfish.  They are protesting the very things that their parents took advantage of to give THEM those ivy league educations, I-Phones and I-Pads and every other material possession they have received without actually having had to work for them.  They have no idea what it is they're protesting or why.  They only know that if they walk around for weeks without showering or brushing their teeth, the left-wing media will come out and give them attention."

"Well dang, Candi.  If they wanted attention, why don't they do what I do?  I trot up to you, sit at your feet and stare until you reach down and scratch me behind the ears.  I have no need to leave Obamas all over the house, or pull out the trash can to drag the contents all over the place.  I just politely tell you what I need and you give it to me."

"Shasta, you've been raised right and these people have been raised by the "village" liberals are so fond of.  That is the difference!"

"Point taken.  By the way, Candi, I'm very upset with you for leaving me behind while you go off to have fun in Nashville at the Stand With Gibson rally.  I may have to start my own occupy protest to let you know what I think of you're insensitivity even though you have provided for my needs while you're away."

After Candi stopped giggling at my last comment, she said goodbye and told me to have fun with Amy and that she'd be home tomorrow night.  Ah well, I guess I'll go back to contemplating the idiocy of liberal ideas.  Ya'll have a good weekend.

LMFBO stands for Laughing My Furry Butt Off

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Love My Radical Friends

My human and I love "tongue-in-cheek" discussions of politics.  If you can't find the humor in the idiocy, we need to talk!  Every day we search the web for content that makes us giggle AND think about the state of our country.  Yesterday, we came across a song written and performed by Jeannie Hinck on entitled "Grandma Is A Radical".  We loved it!

One of the things I love most about my human is her ability to laugh at herself.  So, when she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, "Don't you think this song would be perfect for my grandchildren to play at my funeral,"  I couldn't help but roll over in the floor laughing.  I also can't help but think that future generations will be referring back to this song where my other radical friends are concerned.

Candi, our friends, and I may not be able to refer to our grandmas as radicals, but you can bet your sweet cheeks that our descendants will definitely be able to refer to us that  When you get a moment, click on the following link to Jeannie's page on bigdawgmusicmafia and take a look/listen to "Grandma Is A Radical".  I can almost guarantee you'll smile and think about future generations playing that in honor of my human and my radical friends.  God Bless them all!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Compromiser? More Like Great Useful Idiot!

While watching the morning news with my human this morning, we heard that the President refers to himself as "the great compromiser".  Excuse me a few moments while I try to stop laughing.  ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Ok, I'm done now.

First, let me remind everyone that thanks to princess Pelosi's help, healthcare reform of the worst kind was rammed down our throats.  Candi said it best, I think.  "Exactly when did they compromise on that?  I remember them buying votes, and I remember Pelosi telling us we'd have to pass it to find out what's in it.  What I don't remember is the liberals compromising!"  At this time we'd like to refer you to former Senator Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas.  Her vote was bought, they did NOT compromise with her.  Just saying!

Second, in this last "jobs plan" bill, Obama has repeatedly said "pass this bill".  The White House also made it clear that they would only accept "all or nothing".  So...explain to me where the compromise is?  We are hearing constantly about their compromise and how Obama is a "uniter".  Sorry...Candi and I just aren't buying that.

While we were sitting in the living room watching the news and sipping our morning coffee, Candi started to giggle.  "What is so funny," I asked.

"Remember yesterday when I came home and showed you that political definition from wikipedia?  You know...the useful idiots definition?"


"Well, I know that the term was at one time described Communist sympathizers in the U.S. and how the Soviets laughed at those people, but stop and think about it, Shasta.  Doesn't it also described our current administration?  We know that the White House is full of socialists.  And we know that they don't want to compromise while trying to pass their socialist agenda.  Doesn't it make sense that they're like those same "useful idiots" we read about yesterday?"

As I thought about it for a few moments, I came to the decision that those in the current administration are, in fact, useful idiots.  I giggled as I trotted away to get some paper and markers.  When I came back I surprised my human with a sign that said, "Make Obama A One Term Useful Idiot!"

Candi immediately rewarded me with several treats, a good belly rub and a new bone to chew on!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Shouldn't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Last night, Candi and I were sitting here reading about former White House advisor Van Jones telling the left to "steal" TEA Party strategy.  It confused me why he would suggest such a thing when he obviously thinks very little of the TEA party people.  Why would an admitted socialist suggest stealing the strategy of his enemy?  Hmmm....I know I'm just a dog, but really!  This made no sense to me.

"Shasta, the reason Mr. Jones would suggest such a thing to his followers is because the TEA Party has had a major effect on politics today.  It terrifies "progressives" like him that our influence is NOT waning, but growing."

I thought about that for a moment and still it didn't make any sense.  So I asked, "Well then why does he applaud the Wall Street occupiers and their silly demonstrations?  We've already seen that those people have no cohesive goal or even realize exactly what it is that they're protesting."

"Van Jones realizes that, unlike those protesters, we are NOT trying to bite the hand that feeds us.  We come together very calmly and peacefully to make a statement.  The people on Wall Street are protesting the very things that they voted for when they voted for progressives."

"Well that's kind of silly, don't you think?  I mean, it would be foolish of me to growl or bite at you when you are the one I am dependent upon.  That's what those protesters are doing, isn't it?  And that's why Van Jones is saying the things he is.  He wants these people to settle down instead of nipping at them.  Right?"

"Yes, Shasta.  On one hand, he advocates violent outbursts and rioting, but at the same time Mr. Jones is afraid of them.  It will ruin everything his socialist agenda is about.  The progressives are losing control of the very "dogs" they're trying to train to be dependent upon government.  You can't have socialism or communism without having complete control of the people."

"I see," I said.  "I think I get it now.  What he was really telling people was, you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you.  You should settle down and follow like the well trained puppies we expect you to be.  He wants them to be violent against us, but to follow them blindly.  Am I right?"

"You know Shasta, I think you're a very smart dog," Candi said as she patted my head and scratched me behind the ears.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Open Letter To The "Occupy" Protesters

Dear Morons:

That's right...I'm calling you a name.  Want to know why?  Because you obviously don't understand that the very things you're supposedly protesting are the very rules and regulations put in place by the people you voted for!  Let's take a look at it.

First, Wall Street being in bed with big government.  I recall Obama being backed heavily by those Wall Street firms in 2008.  Did you forget about that?  And wasn't it the Clintons who put in place policies to help people who couldn't afford home loans to get them?  I think it was.  Oh my gosh, the very people you support are the very people you are now protesting.  But wait, if you had taken time to actually pay attention to what was going on in government BEFORE, you'd know that already!

Second, the very reason healthcare costs are increasing is because of the absurd Obamacare plan.  That's right!  Ask any business person or health insurance company and they'll show you the numbers of what it's going to cost them to comply with Obamacare.  Did you really think that the cost wouldn't be passed on to consumers?  Really?  What planet have you been on?  Oh wait, that's're headline readers and don't feel like taking the time to actually research anything on your own.  Therefore, you just take the word of others (the media) that conservatives are wrong.  Yeah...and you guys are SUPPOSEDLY the educated party. 

Last, high unemployment.  Yeah, at the time the economy collapsed we had a Republican President.  With that being said, the White House is only 1/3 of government.  Congress, which was run by the Democrats, actually are the ones who control the purse strings in government.  They are the ones who pass legislation and spend our money.  So if no jobs are available because businesses are running scared due to the ridiculous legislation passed by this body, is that really the fault of Republicans?  I'm not holding them innocent, but they were woefully outnumbered in the House and the Senate for many years.  Just want you to know that.  You may want to look at Pelosi and Reid and their records to see how they affected the current high unemployment.

Let me ask you people, who is the bigger fool?  The fool himself, or the person who blindly follows the fool without question?  You don't even really know what you're protesting, but does that bother you?  No!  Listen, do the world a favor and take a little time to study the facts.  If at that point you still want to take off your clothes, block bridges and disrupt traffic, and chant stupid slogans, I'll support you in that right.  But until you take the time to study the issues from ALL angles:  SHUT UP AND GO HOME!!!!!!


As for the name calling...doesn't feel good does it?  You continue to call me and my human racists and other nasty names...we're going to keep calling you morons!  Just letting you know is all!