Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama: The King Of Denial

Mr. Obama absolutely cannot control those closest to him.  His refusal to call them out for their hateful and slanderous rhetoric gives them a bully pulpit.  Mr. Hoffa, Jr., is just the latest example.  His speech filled with hate against the TEA party has outraged many looking for more civility in politics.  But did the White House even acknowledge the comments?  NO!  Jay Carney even went so far as to tell the press that Mr. Obama didn't even hear the comments.  Candi and I find Mr. Obama's deafness intriguing since he was just off stage waiting to speak!

Here's the thing.  Obama won't acknowledge his failed policies, he won't acknowledge the hateful rhetoric coming from his own party and he won't acknowledge that he has hired idiots to advise him.  This indicates that he is truly:  The King of Denial!

It is up to TEA party members across this country to keep up the pressure.  We must keep putting the word out there.  If we are to succeed in draining the kool aid from the cooler, we have to be ever vigilant and continue calling on Mr. Obama and his cronies to stop the hateful rhetoric from their party.  They gleefully call out any moderate or conservative for any vile speech, but won't call out their own.  Mr. Obama, your double standard is showing and the American people aren't stupid enough to let you get away with it anymore!  We will continue to put pressure on your administration for condemning us and NOT condemning your own party.  By the way, Mr. Obama, I can find hundreds of examples of hateful rhetoric from Democrats, but very few instances from TEA partiers.  Believe me, I've looked!

My solution to this problem is simple.  Anyone caught using vile language, making unsubstantiated accusations, or threatening anyone else from either party, will be bitten in the bum by a dog.  The choice of the dog will be left up to the individual victim of any such actions.  Personally, we dislike the taste of human bums, but we'll do what needs to be done...starting with you for your failure to call out the guilty within your own party.  TEA party dogs have decided we're taking your crown and you will no longer be allowed to be:  King of Denial!

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