Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Are The Christians?

Today my human was chatting with a couple of members of a group on Facebook and a link to an article was posted.  The article was about conservatives seeking another Ronald Reagan-esque candidate and being sorely disappointed.  It also mentioned it being too much to ask of God to send us another Reagan.  This naturally led to a discussion about the role of Christians in politics.  As Candi, read the comments to me, I thought that her and her friends made sense, BUT I also wanted a little clarification to a few comments.  So, I asked my human and her friends to explain to me exactly what they were saying about their view on Christians and their involvement in politics.

I decided to start with Ana Claire, who is in the ministry.  "Ana, why do you feel Christians are lazy and as a result, responsible for the moral decay in America?"

"Well Shasta, week in and week out I see our members listening to the minister and applauding his sermon.  During the week I see them sitting idly by while waiting for that same minister to "do it all".  Agreeing with a message and acting on a message are two entirely different things.  I feel that Christians, as a rule, have gotten too lazy to do more than show up for service, applaud when they agree and then go home to never give it another thought.  How can we expect the morals in our country to NOT be in decline when we aren't willing to stand up and say something when we see something wrong?"

I have to say, Ana Claire has a point.  Candi has often said that people in her dad's churches are always talking about what they should do, but never actually do anything.  They talk about how bad it is, but they don't stand up for what is right.

When I asked Michael about his comment that, "Many Christians have nothing better to do than judge petty external issues and they wonder why the church is irreverent to modern American society. " He explained it like this:

"Shasta, as a Marine and police officer, I have had experience with the dregs of society, as well as Christians.  Very often I hear them condemning the behavior of criminals and others, but seldom do they do anything beyond that.  I think that Christians need to get off their high horses, and lead by example rather than sitting idly by."

Wow...good point, Michael.  I've heard Candi say, "If I had a dime for every time I'm judged or have been judged by someone in church, I could pay off the national debt AND restore the social security trust-fund."

Now my human's sister is a minister and Candi has great respect for her.  She posted the following on the church's Facebook page:
Sometimes a caravan of travelers will be in the dusty, hot, dry desert, and about to perish for need of water. When this happens they will let one of the camels go. The instincts in the camel will lead him to refreshing waters. When the animal moves nearly out of sight one of the men will mount his camel and follow. When he is about to be out of sight another will do the same. When the camel ...discovers the water the man following on the camel will turn and wave to the second; the second to the third, and so on, until everyone has gathered at the fresh water.

This reminds me of the Scripture about the Pentecost outpouring. “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:37-38).
Candi felt the analogy of the camel was somehwat appropriate to today's political climate as well as religious climate.  I wondered why and I asked her.
"Shasta, the very article that led to the religious discussion in our group is very similar to this analogy.  Americans are looking for the right camel to send out in search of water.  With that being said, what are Christians doing to find that camel?  They're praying!  That's it...they're not actively looking for that courageous camel that will strike out on it's own and search for the source of help.  No...they're too busy doing other sitting in judgement of others, showing up for church but then going home to take a Sunday afternoon nap, and complaining that God has not sent them a savior for the country." 
"But Candi, isn't praying what they should be doing?" I asked.
"Yes Shasta, but ask Ana Claire or my sister to name a single miracle in the Bible that God did NOT require some sort of action on the the part of the human asking for the miracle."
I think I finally got it.  Between the three of them I see the problem.  So here is my solution:  Christians, after you've spent time seeking God's wisdom, get up off those knees and get to work.  If you want God to move on behalf of this country, step out on faith and demand that our government pay attention.  I'm a dog and I know that God requires you to step out on faith when you ask for something!

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