Monday, October 3, 2011

Open Letter To The "Occupy" Protesters

Dear Morons:

That's right...I'm calling you a name.  Want to know why?  Because you obviously don't understand that the very things you're supposedly protesting are the very rules and regulations put in place by the people you voted for!  Let's take a look at it.

First, Wall Street being in bed with big government.  I recall Obama being backed heavily by those Wall Street firms in 2008.  Did you forget about that?  And wasn't it the Clintons who put in place policies to help people who couldn't afford home loans to get them?  I think it was.  Oh my gosh, the very people you support are the very people you are now protesting.  But wait, if you had taken time to actually pay attention to what was going on in government BEFORE, you'd know that already!

Second, the very reason healthcare costs are increasing is because of the absurd Obamacare plan.  That's right!  Ask any business person or health insurance company and they'll show you the numbers of what it's going to cost them to comply with Obamacare.  Did you really think that the cost wouldn't be passed on to consumers?  Really?  What planet have you been on?  Oh wait, that's're headline readers and don't feel like taking the time to actually research anything on your own.  Therefore, you just take the word of others (the media) that conservatives are wrong.  Yeah...and you guys are SUPPOSEDLY the educated party. 

Last, high unemployment.  Yeah, at the time the economy collapsed we had a Republican President.  With that being said, the White House is only 1/3 of government.  Congress, which was run by the Democrats, actually are the ones who control the purse strings in government.  They are the ones who pass legislation and spend our money.  So if no jobs are available because businesses are running scared due to the ridiculous legislation passed by this body, is that really the fault of Republicans?  I'm not holding them innocent, but they were woefully outnumbered in the House and the Senate for many years.  Just want you to know that.  You may want to look at Pelosi and Reid and their records to see how they affected the current high unemployment.

Let me ask you people, who is the bigger fool?  The fool himself, or the person who blindly follows the fool without question?  You don't even really know what you're protesting, but does that bother you?  No!  Listen, do the world a favor and take a little time to study the facts.  If at that point you still want to take off your clothes, block bridges and disrupt traffic, and chant stupid slogans, I'll support you in that right.  But until you take the time to study the issues from ALL angles:  SHUT UP AND GO HOME!!!!!!


As for the name calling...doesn't feel good does it?  You continue to call me and my human racists and other nasty names...we're going to keep calling you morons!  Just letting you know is all!

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