Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Holidays Not PC Enough...Oh, Jeez!

Sometimes liberals just get too ridiculous for words.  This is NOT one of those times.  Seriously people, let's not celebrate Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and for heaven's sake don't let your children dress up as their favorite cartoon character for Halloween.  Really? Candi and I were not actually surprised by this, but we were disappointed to see another school system going overboard in the PC department.

I did ask Candi what the big deal is about these particular holidays.  She explained that Columbus Day and Thanksgiving seem to be insensitive to native American's because the Europeans didn't treat them very well.  But here's the thing that no one seems to consider...native Americans weren't totally innocent either!  Let's look at the holidays mentioned one at a time, shall we?

One, Columbus discovered the Americas.  No one is really sure if he landed in North or South America the first time or if he truly is the first European to step on the soil of the "New World".  What we do know for certain is that he is credited with it.  So, in our very humble opinion, give the man credit for having the gumption to make a dangerous journey and discovering this wonderful new land.  We understand that Europeans settling in the new world did not always get along with the indigenous peoples here, but they were far from being the only guilty party.  Our history tells us that many Native Americans attacked settlers without provocation.  Just saying...there are always two sides to every story and both need to be considered equally.

Two, Thanksgiving.  For some reason this holiday seems to truly upset liberals and for the life of me, I can't figure out why.  When you look at the history of the holiday, isn't it a celebration of the cooperation between Native Americans and settlers?  Yes, there were atrocities later and the Europeans did bring disease that hadn't been here, but the holiday itself represents what can be accomplished with understanding and a willingness to cooperate.  So...get over it people!  Celebrate the spirit of the holiday and try to open your minds and hearts.  Maybe, just maybe, then you will realize that working together gets a person farther than going it alone!

Last, Halloween.  Now this one upset Candi big time.  Apparently this school principal told the teachers to ask children not to dress up.  Her response was somewhat humorous to me.  She said, "Shasta, this is absolutely over the top!  It's Halloween.  It's a fun thing for children to dress up and walk around saying trick or treat.  But because a child might dress up as something someone else finds offensive, none get to dress up.  Jeez...they are children and most of them don't even understand political correctness.  Most will go as their favorite Disney princess or cartoon character.  What is wrong with this principal that she would deny school children a little fun once a year?"  AND, Candi informed me that this particular holiday has always been offensive to some people and religious organizations.  So what is the big deal?  C'mon...don't take away the kiddie's fun just because you don't like it.  That's just mean!

Here is our point: Americans have gotten so concerned that they MIGHT upset someone that they don't want to celebrate anything.  They want to take away anything that may or may not represent more than one point of view.  No one is saying everyone has to celebrate, but don't try to punish everyone.  If you don't like the in sick and stay home, but for Pete's sake...let the rest of us enjoy it!

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