Friday, October 7, 2011

OWS "Young, Spontaneous And Focused"....LMFBO

Today my human was on the road for most of the day and I was left behind to try and figure out how to use a very small Netbook.  This has not gone well since I have large paws and already have difficulty typing.  Finally, I get an email out to her asking her to call and when she did I immediately asked, "Did you hear about Pelosi saying the Occupy Wall Street protestors were young, spontaneous and focused?"  I waited patiently while she laughed hysterically. 

After a few minutes Candi told me that was one of the funniest things she'd heard all day.  Then she sent me a link to an article about the protestors and how nasty they were.  Now I  ask you, how can they be spontaneous and focused when they have pitched a tent city in a public park?  That doesn't make sense to me.  And how in the world can they be focused if everyone has a different message when being interviewed by the left-wing media in love with them?  I don't think either of those things are possible.

I can agree with one thing Pelosi said.  They are young.  Unlike the TEA Party crowd made up mostly of "grown-ups", this crowd has made an enormous mess of Zucotti Park in NYC.  Their tent city has prevented the park owner from properly maintaining the property since September 16th.  As a result, trash is piling up, the park hasn't been pressure washed and what few facilities there are for people to "relieve themselves" hasn't been cleaned.  Only the young would go for weeks without a shower or brushing their teeth, throw trash around everywhere and then deficate in facilities that are definitely unclean.  My one thought, ewwwwwwwwwwww!  Even I go look for a clean place in the woods to my business and I'm a dog!

"Candi, do they not realize how gross their behavior is?  Do they not realize that their selfishness has shut down a park that others would like to enjoy?  Even after they pack up and go home, the mess they will leave behind will probably take days to clean up."

"Shasta, these occupiers are young and they are selfish.  They are protesting the very things that their parents took advantage of to give THEM those ivy league educations, I-Phones and I-Pads and every other material possession they have received without actually having had to work for them.  They have no idea what it is they're protesting or why.  They only know that if they walk around for weeks without showering or brushing their teeth, the left-wing media will come out and give them attention."

"Well dang, Candi.  If they wanted attention, why don't they do what I do?  I trot up to you, sit at your feet and stare until you reach down and scratch me behind the ears.  I have no need to leave Obamas all over the house, or pull out the trash can to drag the contents all over the place.  I just politely tell you what I need and you give it to me."

"Shasta, you've been raised right and these people have been raised by the "village" liberals are so fond of.  That is the difference!"

"Point taken.  By the way, Candi, I'm very upset with you for leaving me behind while you go off to have fun in Nashville at the Stand With Gibson rally.  I may have to start my own occupy protest to let you know what I think of you're insensitivity even though you have provided for my needs while you're away."

After Candi stopped giggling at my last comment, she said goodbye and told me to have fun with Amy and that she'd be home tomorrow night.  Ah well, I guess I'll go back to contemplating the idiocy of liberal ideas.  Ya'll have a good weekend.

LMFBO stands for Laughing My Furry Butt Off

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