Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joe Biden: A Big Baby

As Candi and I have been watching the news, we've been giggling over Joe Biden's crying.  Apparently he is upset that a reporter had the audacity to question his statements regarding murder rates doubling and rapes tripling in Flint, MI.  Really Joe?  C' a man and own up to the fact that you got it wrong!

"Seriously Shasta, if the man would just own up to the fact that he got it wrong we could get past it.  Instead he calls for an investigation to see if any Senate rules were broken by the reporter.  Ughhhh....these liberals whining every time they get caught making up things just gets under my skin," Candi said to me this morning.

"I don't understand what the problem is.  He is obviously the "gaffe machine du jour". Why do his people let him walk around saying stupid things?  And why doesn't he just own up to his limited intelligence and let America get over it?" I asked.

"Because, if liberals admitted when they made mistakes they'd lose the support of the sheeples that follow them.  He isn't Bill Clinton, after all.  No one can but Bill could lie about something, get busted, AND still come out relatively unscathed.  You have to have charisma to pull that off and let's face it, Joe Biden doesn't have any charisma whatsoever.  Besides, Obama needs Biden to make him look smarter than he is," Candi told me.

She's probably right.  I watch the news all day while Candi is running around getting errands done and everytime I see Joe on TV, I feel bad for the guy.  I really do.  He isn't very attractive, his sense of humor is lacking, and he never stops to check facts before opening his mouth.  Joe Biden is the epitome of liberals who think they know more than conservatives, but end up looking ridiculous because they haven't done their homework.  Because of his constant "foot in mouth" disease, he really does make Obama look good.

So, Candi and I thought we'd offer a little advice to Joe Biden's handlers.  Get the man a teleprompter and don't let him speak without it.  Maybe then he'd stop whining everytime someone calls him on his unverified facts, unintelligible rants and his overall lack of a filter between brain and mouth. 
Seriously, he is supposed to be representing the greatest country on Earth and you people let him walk around with his foot dangerously close to his mouth at all times. 

Candi and I would never let that happen to our boss!  Of course, she's just your average everyday lady and I'm just a dog so...what do we know?  Our filters between brain and mouth don't always work, but we at least TRY to get it right. 

One last thing for Joe:  Stop being a baby and crying because you got caught!  Grow up and take responsibility for NOT verifying your information before sharing it!  Oh wait, you're a liberal and that's beyond your capabilities!

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