Monday, October 10, 2011

Respectful Versus Disrespectful and Dogs

On Friday, my human left me behind while she went to Nashville for the "We Stand With Gibson" rally.  Naturally I was disappointed at being left behind, but I did understand the reasons for it.  Saturday evening she came home and after about twenty minutes of showing her how happy I was at her return, she went to get ready to head back out.  We didn't have any time to talk about her trip or the rally.  So yesterday, we spent the entire day cuddled on the sofa watching old movies and chatting about the rally and other events that were taking place during the weekend.

I told her about the coverage of the OWS I watched on TV and she told me about the various artists performing at the rally.  I told her about the struggle I had trying to use the Netbook and she told me about the rude person next to her at the hotel.  After a day spent discussing such things I came to a few conclusions.

One, according to liberals, my human is free to work hard as long she supports others that are unwilling to work.  As long as she isn't free-thinking enough to assume that what she earns is hers and doesn't belong to the village, they will let her go about her business uninterrupted or challenged.

Two, she is free to protest anything she wants as long as she is unruly, defecates on police vehicles and shows a total lack of respect for the environment they are so concerned about.  It is unseemly for her to attend a peaceful demonstration in support of hard work, American ingenuity and job creation such as the "We Stand With Gibson" rally in Nashville.

Three, she is free to worship however she chooses, as long as it isn't Christian worship.  Heaven forbid that she believe in God and the Ten Commandments.  She must choose to worship in the ways the ACLU deems best or risk being ostracized and sued by our government.

She is also free to attend any gathering where they don't sing the national anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance first.  The fact that most TEA Party events do begin with showing respect to our country is something that drives the ACLU up a wall, and we can't have that!  Lord knows we don't want to offend anyone by proudly standing with our hand over hearts and reciting the Pledge!

I find it interesting that my human would be told "God bless you for what you're doing" by the liberals if she were showing her breasts or showing disrespect for anyone in authority.  But showing respect and love for her country and the freedoms it was founded on gets her called ugly names and ostracized by the "intellectuals" of our time.  How is it possible that thinking for herself is condemned but the mindless chants of a crowd are applauded?

"Shasta, don't worry so much about what the liberal left thinks.  The simple fact is, my friends and I are obviously doing something right.  If we weren't, we wouldn't be under attack the way we are," she told me.

"Well be that as it may, I think the liberal left needs to get a sense of humor as well as some common decency.  They need to understand that their unwashed bodies, public use of drugs and unruly behavior is doing nothing but making them look ridiculous and childish.  Even dogs behave better than that!"

I may walk around on four legs, go to the bathroom outside in the woods and depend on my human for fundamental needs, but even I know that the liberal left has NO clue what it means to be patriotic.  They obviously have great disdain for anyone seeking to protect the very things that made this country great.  And by that very reasoning my last conclusion after talking with my human is this:  I'd rather be a dog and have the love of my neighbors than be a joke and disgrace to my country. 


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