Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being Seen Does Not Equal Being Effective

There is definitely more than one way to make your voice heard. 

Candi is forever sending emails, making phone calls and signing petitions.  She also attends rallies and demonstrations in support of smaller government and less spending.  You may not see her and her friends on the news, but they are still making their voices heard in government.

On the other hand, you can congregate in large numbers and have sex on the street, do drugs, defecate on police cars, burn the American flag and bear your breasts to get the attention of the "lame stream media" without having a cohesive or coherent message.

Now, I ask you...which is more effective?  The quiet and respectful, or the loud and obnoxious?  I'm with my human on this and prefer the first!

When asked, "Where is the TEA Party?", my human responded with the truth.  The TEA Party is quietly making it's voice heard through actions such as petitions, phone calls and emails.  They are busy spreading the word via social networking sites and organizing rallies such as the one she attended in Nashville over the weekend.  Just because you don't see them on the news, doesn't mean they aren't active.

To organize mass numbers to confront these "occupiers" would only result in escalating violence.  Do we really want people killing each other on the streets of America?  I think not.  I may be a dog, but I know that violence is not the answer.  And with Van Jones and Stephen Lerner actively encouraging these "occupy" people to invade the homes and terrify families of CEO's, along with forcefully occupying buildings, believe me...violence would ensue if large numbers showed up in an anti-protest.

Also, with members of Congress and Hollywood showing support for these "occupy" people, the main stream media would have no problem whatsoever convincing middle America that the TEA Party instigated the violence.  Would we do more harm than good if we showed up enmasse to fight these hairy and unwashed people?  Once again, I have to agree with my human in thinking that we would.

So here is my advice to those who think the TEA Party is silent now.  Either make use of that computer you're sitting in front of and email your representative or put it away and make a phone call.  It's easy to talk big on the social networking sites, it's a lot more difficult to put yourself out there and actually take action.  For those unable to actively participate at rallies and so forth but are making calls and sending emails...well done!  For those unwilling to do more than complain publicly and talk big via Facebook and Twitter...would you please get out of the way?  There are those of us who are actually doing something and you're thwarting our progress!

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