Monday, October 10, 2011

OWS and the TEA Party Movements

Today was one of those rare days when my human completely flipped out over some comments in the news.  Now this doesn't happen very often, but when it out!  When she begins to color the air blue with language, I sit back until she finally runs out of steam and then I go try to offer her some comfort.  Today took longer than usual for her to run out of steam.

"Have these political analysts on the left completely lost their minds?" she jumped up and asked.

She then began to pace up and down cursing with such vehemence and volume, that any sailor would be proud.  She ranted on and on about how stupid it was to compare the coherent message of cutting spending and smaller government of the TEA Party movement to the unclear and idiotic demands of the unwashed currently holding cities all over America hostage.  Finally, she began to calm down and I trotted over to lay my head on her lap to comfort her.

"Candi, why are they comparing what those people are doing to what you and your friends stand for," I asked.

She looked down with great sadness in her eyes and said, "Because, Shasta, the liberal media and the liberals in Congress don't want to admit that they've messed up.  They messed up when they forced Obamacare down our throats, they messed up with TARP and they're messing up with this insistence on funding 'green jobs' companies like Solyndra.  And those three things only scrape the surface.  They don't like the TEA Party demanding government get out of the way of the private sector.  They can't control us and it terrifies them.  But what made me so angry is the comparison.  I've been to dozens of rallies and have NEVER seen the kind of behavior that theses 'occupiers' are exhibiting.  To compare our rational and well behaved rallies to this demonstration where drugs are being openly used, people are defecating on police cars and American flags, and where the police are having to arrest hundreds is inexcusable to me."

Because I'm just a dog and don't fully understand I had to ask, "Why though?  What is it that offends you the most?"

She took a deep breath, counted to ten and said, "The TEA Party stands for less government and fiscal responsibility.  These 'occupy' people want big government and more spending.  We stand and salute the flag at rallies.  These people burn it and defecate on it.  We stand peacefully listening to speakers or singing along.  These people chant mindlessly the words of someone with a bull horn.  We clean up after our rallies and put everything back where we found it.  These people throw trash everywhere and make it impossible for anyone else to come in and pick it up.  We have a cohesive and short message.  These people take off their clothing and scream at buildings while holding up traffic.  We quietly and methodically contact our representatives in an attempt to get what we want.  These people scream and rant and rave until the media comes down with cameras and begins to sympathize with their plight.  We have worked for what we have.  They have lived off mom and dad.  We take responsibility for our actions.  They blame everyone else.  The media loves to paint us as violent, although they have no proof of us being unruly or violent.  They paint these people as peaceful, although there is ample evidence of their violence and hatred.  I have a real issue with the media bias on this and trying to get middle class America on the side of these protestors by comparing them to the TEA Party movement.  That is what I am so upset about tonight, Shasta."

I felt her pain and disgust at having the noble ideas and goals of the TEA Party movement compared to what these "occupiers" are doing.  I can see in her eyes the sadness at the thought that her Patriotism is being related to the anti-American rants of the unwashed.  Her total disappointment in elected officials condoning their vile behavior as opposed to condemning their public displays of drug use and sex was something I could not hide from.  It is a horrible thing for a dog not to be able to comfort her human.  But what comfort can I give her, when the country she loves so much is being handed to the socialists by the main-stream media.

When will middle America wake up and realize that they're being handed up like sacrificial lambs to the elite who would have them completely under control?  What will it take for the average Joe to see that the TEA Party movement is based on constitutional principles and that the people participating are law abiding citizens just trying to keep America great?  With comparisons like this one today, it will take even longer to undo the damage that is being done to this great country by the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman-Shultz, Stephen Lerner, Hoffa Jr., Obama and George Soros.  In the meantime, all I can do is stand with my human and say, "Anyone who thinks the OWS movement and the TEA Party movement are the same has lost their mind!  We suggest you put down your crack pipes, stop drinking the kool-aid and wake up before the very freedoms you grew up with are gone!"

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