Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Martian Math Doesn't Work On Earth

The section of Obamacare called, CLASS, is not going to be implemented.  Want to know why?  Because actuaries figured out that you can't make martian math work on Earth.  That's right, the math the liberals used for this doesn't work.  Candi and I discussed it this morning and no matter which way we tried to "spin" it, the math doesn't work.

CLASS is the part of Obamacare that addresses long-term care for the disabled.  To make it work, you'd have to have 230 million people enrolled in the program.  The premise is that with enough people enrolled , the program could be paid for by the money that those who are working are putting in.  Do we have 230 million people in the workforce?  No!

"Candi, according to the experts, there is absolutely no way this can work.  What made the Obama administration think it would?" I asked.

"Shasta, the fundamental flaw of any socialized program is that it is funded by taxpayer monies.  If you don't have enough people paying in, you can't sustain the program.  This isn't just a flaw in this particular part of Obamacare, it is THE major flaw in all of Obama's policies.  He doesn't understand that there aren't enough working people to subsidize the non-working people," she said.

Candi and I tried doing the math on Obama's policies before and we came to the conclusion that NO math actually works.  No matter which way you add, subtract, multiply or divide, the numbers will not come out in a way that makes these programs sustainable.  When are liberals going to understand this?  It isn't just Obamacare that the numbers won't work for, it's everything the man and his party want to do.

Somehow, we have to make people understand that no matter how you work the numbers, martian math just won't work here on Earth!

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