Friday, August 12, 2011

My Human - 1; Cowardly Progressive - 0

Yesterday afternoon my human opened her Facebook email to find an attack against her by someone too cowardly to allow her a response.  Score one for her!  That's right, I said it.  The man had brought up two subjects that she had never brought up in any postings and then called her a very foul name.  That took real guts on his part....NOT!!!!

It's easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and sling mud.  It's a lot harder to post your viewpoint openly and with courage.  To launch an attack in such a way and then block a response from your target....well, that's just cowardly!  So, in my humble opinion, my human scores and the coward accomplishes nothing!

Candi has often said to me, "You aren't doing it right if they aren't coming at you!"  I have to agree.  She obviously irritated this person tremendously and his frustration at not being able to come at her with facts resulted in his showing his total lack of class.  He also showed that he's never really read anything she's posted.  I know this because of the issues he commented on.  They were two issues that she steadfastly refuses to debate.  My human freely admits that she doesn't agree with Conservatives on every issue and because of it, will not debate what she feels are personal issues.

Having said all of that, to the person who so cowardly attacked her that way...why don't you show yourself and debate her with her own words?  Show us that she involved herself in the debate on those two issues.  Until you do that, we suggest you crawl back in the hole you came from and make room for your compadres who aren't afraid to debate her!

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