Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Mother Nature Sending A Message?

While watching the news last night and this morning I began to wonder if Mother Nature isn't trying to tell D.C. something.  Stop and think about it.  First, we have an earthquake that rattles the greater D.C. area and now a hurricane is headed directly for the East Coast.  I decided I'd ask my human what she thought.

"Candi, what do you think about the earthquake and the hurricane headed toward D.C.," I asked.

"Well, Shasta, I think that the founding fathers finally got the news about what is currently going on this country and began rolling over in their graves and that is what caused the earthquake.  As for the hurricane, I think it's Mother Nature's way of telling those morons in D.C. that they're on the verge of being fired."

I couldn't help but giggle.  Obviously they aren't listening to us, so Mother Nature may be trying to lend us a hand in getting their attention.  It kinda makes  It's time D.C. listen to somebody!

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