Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Obama, You Can't Be Serious!

While my human was away in Miami, America's credit rating was downgraded and the very first thing Obama and his cronies did?  Blame the TEA party.  Really?  Excuse me while I give you the "Have You Lost Your Mind?" look.

Members of the TEA party called their representatives in Washington to say, "Reduce spending, balance the budget and cap it".  This is exactly what the credit rating agencies wanted.  So...why is it our fault that America was downgraded?  It makes no sense to us dogs that the White House would blame the TEA party.

"Shasta, you must remember that the current administration lives in a fantasy world where they are always right and WE are always wrong," Candi said.

Maybe she's right, but I just can't understand how someone can see their policies failing and continue to think they're infallible!  I know I'm just a dog, but...really?

So here is how it should work (according to my human).  We have elections and elections have consequences.  We elect representatives who are expected to keep our best interests in mind when creating and passing legislation.  They are supposed to listen to us when we express our thoughts. 

This is how it currently works.  Our elected officials decide that we are stupid and don't know any better.  They ignore us and ram unwanted and unneccessary legislation and regulation down our throats.  Then they blame us when it doesn't turn out like they want.

So my question is...Mr. Obama, are you serious?  You can't possibly be so delusional that you honestly believe that your policies are working and people like my human are just too stupid to see it! 

"Candi," I said, "I believe change is good.  But I don't care how you dress it up, when you step in the kind of change I leave behind, it still stinks!"

"Well said, Shasta," she replied.  "That is why we must keep up the fight to remove the stench in Washington, disinfect D.C., and replace it with new change that leaves a pleasant scent behind!"

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