Monday, August 1, 2011

My Human And SGS11

Candi went to the SmartGirl Summit in St. Louis this past weekend.  I think it highly unfair that there was a "no dogs except service dogs" policy, but, oh well!  So she got to go have a great time discussing politics with hundreds of other SmartGirls while I got stuck with Nathan the Nazi and his "special needs" dog.  I'm glad to have her back though.

The moment I saw her car pull in I knew I was being rescued and couldn't wait to get home to hear all about the conference.  After listening patiently to her excited recap of her experience, I came to a decision.  She will NEVER be allowed to go to another without me!

I would have liked to hear Herman Cain and the others.  I would have enjoyed the training by American Majority and FreedomWorks.  And I definitely would have enjoyed meeting all the really cool SmartGirls she got to meet!  Doggie discrimination has got to be stopped!

"Candi," I said, "I'm really glad you had a great time, but I think I should go with you next time!"  She agreed. 

"So," Candi said, "What did you do this weekend?"

"As usual, I kept myself busy watching politics and wishing I had hands instead of four feet.  I could have been calling D.C. and telling them what I thought of their stupid compromises if I'd been able," I said. "But NOOOOOO, you had to be in St. Louis and Nathan wouldn't dial the phone for me!"

Candi immediately decided to make up for it and helped me shoot off several emails to Congress.  I just wonder what they think about a dog being smarter than the entire 535 of them?  You know they have to be scratching their heads and thinking, "That dog has a point.  Wish I'd thought of it first!"

Anyway, Candi was energized, inspired and more determined than ever that the two of us would continue our mission to take back this great country.  We hope you'll join us in fighting the good fight.

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