Thursday, August 11, 2011

TEA Party Dogs

Dear Congress:

I have a message from the TEA Party Dogs.  WE ARE OVER IT!  Our humans are sick and tired of your refusal to STOP spending and the blame game you insist on playing with each other. Our humans can't seem to stop worrying about the state of this country long enough to play fetch with us anymore.  They have stopped allowing us to lay our heads on their laps while they scratch us behind the ears, because they are too busy wringing their hands together while trying to figure out how to make ends meet.  Some of us have even heard them talking about sending us away because they can't afford our food anymore.  We don't blame our humans.  They are merely reacting to your idiotic refusal to stop spending and the fear of higher taxes.  They are reacting to your constant refusal to accept responsibility and insisting that it is their fault!  The TEA Party Dogs will not allow you to keep doing this to our humans!

So here is the deal.  Everytime one of you behaves in a way that clearly indicates you don't give a flip about the American people, a member of the TEA Party Dogs will come to Washington and bite you on the rear.  Hopefully, it will only take you once to learn your lesson.  We are fully prepared to do it as often as necessary until you do, though!  And just for the record, you guys don't taste very good so this is NOT something we would enjoy doing.  We just want you to understand how serious we are!  It's time to grow up Washington and do the right thing!

TEA Party Dog

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