Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want More

"Candi, I've decided you need to raise your debt ceiling," I said this morning while watching morning talk shows with my favorite human.

"What?  Shasta, why would I need to raise my debt ceiling?"

I calmly explained to her, in a voice you'd use to explain something to a child, that I felt she needed a house on the beach in the Caribbean, a house in the Canadian Rockies, a new house here, and that I need an airconditioned two-story dog house at each location.  We can't have all of that if she doesn't raise her "debt ceiling".

"Oh, I see," she said.  "Shasta, let me get this straight.  You aren't content with what we have, so I'm supposed to increase my debt in able for us to have things you WANT above and beyond what you NEED."


"Shasta, I can barely afford to pay back the debt we have now.  If I were to increase my debt, it would eventually reach the point where I couldn't afford to pay it back.  Do you understand what that means?  There would be no more money available for your "diet doggie food", there would be no more money to put gas in the car to take you to the dog park so you can play with your friends, and there would be no more money to pay for you to go to the vet," she replied.

Now, at this point I'm becoming a little aggravated that she doesn't see it my way.  I try to be patient.  She is just a human after all.  AND, she's a conservative woman without a man to explain it to her!  "Listen," I said, "If the government can keep borrowing money to pay their bills, you can too."

Candi looked at me for a moment with utter confusion on her face.  Then it finally dawned on her...I was kidding.  Dogs don't care about what you have and don't have.  We don't care if we get the "cheap" food versus the "designer" food.  We just want our needs met.  It's time Congress take the attitude of us dogs and get serious about what we NEED versus what we WANT.  Americans NEED jobs, not handouts!  Americans NEED to feel safe at night when they go to bed, they don't want to worry about a terrorist blowing up their home!  Americans NEED to know that the money they paid into Social Security will be there when they need it.  But what Americans NEED most is to KNOW their elected officials have their best interests in mind.

For too long, we have allowed the "honorable" men and women in D.C. to put what they WANT before the NEEDS of the American people. Let's continue to send the message that we DEMAND they start spending less, borrowing less and STOP putting themselves above the American People! 

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