Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Babysitter's Rights...Are You Kidding?

A few days ago, my "nosy rosy" human was up before dawn going to various states' websites and checking upcoming legislation.  All of a sudden she jumps up and yells, "You've got to be kidding!"

Naturally I was curious, so I trotted over to see what all the hulabaloo was about.  She began to read it to me and I began to see why she was outraged.  The state of California has decided that "domestic workers" should be given the same compensation and benefits that employees of companies receive.  These include minimum wage, workers compensation benefits, overtime, breaks and a whole slew of things.  Let me break it down for you:

If Candi and I lived in California, she would have to provide all of the above mentioned things for a "caretaker" for me if NO family member was available.  She'd even have to provide a backup person so that the original babysitter could have a break every two hours!  That means, she'd have to hire two people.  She'd also be required to send in paperwork to the state regarding workers compensation insurance for both of those people.  Are they trying to make sure our humans or parents can't have a night out?  How does forcing this kind of legislation down their throats help the economy?

"It doesn't help the economy," Candi said.  "What it does is create more beauracracy, prevent people from going out to eat or to the movies, or even taking "romantic vacations" without the kiddies!"

The worst part is that silly legislation like this is passed everyday in every part of the country.  These silly laws end up affecting the entire nation.  And more often than not, what happens in one part of the country, happens across the country.

One example is the textbook debate that went on in Texas a year or so ago.  TFN, a non-profit organization that operates under the guise of promoting freedom of religion, wanted all references to religion taken out of history textbooks.  Because Texas is the largest buyer of textbooks, if they had gotten their way, those references would have been removed from history books across the nation. 

It only takes liberals getting their foot into one door, and BAM....a virus has infected our nation!  We can't sit back on the sidelines content to watch the nightly news and complain on Facebook about the state of the nation.  We must pay attention to what is going on in politics on the local and state levels as well.  Most of all, we must develop networks of people to watch their communities and spread the word when legislation like this is up for debate.  Face it people, more often than not...As Goes One State, So Goes The Nation!

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