Monday, August 1, 2011

Liberal By Birth; Conservative By The Grace Of God

I was born a liberal.  I don't have a job and I am totally dependent on another "functioning" member of society for all of my needs and wants.  I have no plans to change this, either.  You see, I am a dog.  But fortunately for me, a human has rescued me from total uselessness.  She's a true conservative and American Patriot and I have been truly blessed that God saw fit to place me in her home.  My path to conservatism began like this:

One day my human and I were watching the news and I shocked her by suddenly speaking.  I simply said, "I wish I could contribute to society instead of sitting around all day watching TV, eating and getting fat."  She was stunned.  Wouldn't you be if your dog suddenly spoke to you in your own language?  Once the shock wore off, my human said to me, "I can help you with that."  And my switch to conservatism began.

We started with the simple basics of her teaching me how government should work and the differences between liberals and conservatives.  As she explained I became embarrassed that I had been born a liberal.  Then we talked about Patriotism and how WE could give back to our country.  Now, we're in training for Therapy Dogs International so that I can become a certified service dog and visit with returning soldiers that have been wounded defending this great country.  How cool is that?

My human and I talk a great deal about politics and the state of the country.  She thinks I'm smarter than Obama and, in my humble opinion, I am.  I know for a fact that I'm smarter than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.  I often wonder what delusion those guys live under. 

I'll never forget when Pelosi made the statement, "You have to pass the bill if you want to know what's in it."  I thought my human would never recover from laughing when I said, "Really? Nancy, have you lost your mind?" 

I know that for most of you a talking dog who blogs is quite a stretch, but what can I say?  God blessed me by placing me in a home of Conservative values and Patriotism.  And thanks to that, I have been taught and encouraged to try and make a difference by my human.  So, although I was born a liberal, I am now a conservative fighting the fight with my human and I thank the Good Lord for it everyday.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

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