Monday, May 21, 2012

What Does Your Child Learn?

Everyday my human complains about liberals taking over the education system in America.  After watching the following YouTube video, I have to agree.

First, this woman clearly has no control over her own classroom.  While listening to this, I heard plenty of kids in the classroom having conversations that are obviously not related to the subject.  That one fact alone give me serious pause about her ability to teach any of our children.  How can you teach if you can't command the attention of your pupils?

Second, this woman has no idea what FREE SPEECH means.  The student is correct.  It is not a crime to voicing a dissenting opinion against the President of the United States.  It is a crime to THREATEN the President.  This kid questioned the information being presented and tried to get both sides.  That was in NO WAY a threat or slandering Obama.

Last, why has this teacher not been fired?  I can guarantee you that any teacher who would talk to my human's daughter that way because she asked a valid question would be in deep water.  My human would be taking her stilettos and bopping the teacher on the head with the heels for bullying her child that way.  The point of school is to educate.  You can't teach if you aren't willing to hear the question.

This teacher is clearly NOT a teacher.  She is a bully who uses her position to drive home HER opinion.  It is the opinion of this canine that she prefers to only hear what others have to say IF they agree with her.  That is NOT what school is about and I would hope that the school district would reprimand her immediately.  Of course, with unions in control...I don't see that one happening any time soon.  Wonder what your children are being subjected to by their Social Studies teachers.

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