Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Excuses!!!

There are many things that cause me to want to take a bite out of the bum of people.  One thing, however, not only makes me want to bite them…I want to go for their jugulars.  The abuse of children in any way shape or form is unacceptable to me, but sexual abuse of children makes me want to have your innards for desert.  To excuse yourself from participation in child pornography because it showed up on your computer without your knowledge or consent is complete and utter horse shit!

I know for a fact that if you aren’t looking for that sort of thing, it doesn’t show up in your emails and/or on your computer screen.  My human has never had that sort of thing show up on her computer.  Of course, she doesn’t go looking for porn of any kind on the internet.  Companies pay good money for these ‘cookies’ that track what you search on the internet so that they can send ads and emails directly to you.

I’ll give you a prime example.  Last week my human did a search on motorcycle riding boots.  Because of that search, she now gets daily emails and ads pop up on her screen for boots of all kinds.  If she hadn’t done that search, we’d still be seeing pet supply ads and getting those emails.  Don’t try and tell me you didn’t do a search and that you’re getting child pornography in your inbox all of a sudden for no reason.  You would have had to do a search on something that would make you a target for that filth!

I am disgusted beyond belief that the court of appeals in NY would say that the viewing of child pornography on the internet is not a crime.  To suggest that you have no control of the content that comes across your computer screen is ludicrous.  I’m a dog and know that!  What planet do these judges come from?  What alternate universe do they live in that would condone this kind of behavior and put millions of children at risk?  I believe there is a special place in hell for these people and the judges who have condoned such behavior.  As a matter of fact, I’ll be more than happy to escort them to that place myself!  All they have done is make it acceptable for pedophiles and porn addicts to openly ask for this material.  The suppliers have to be thrilled!

Wake up America!  The dregs of humanity are taking over this country and the current liberal establishment is making it easier for them.  When will you defend the innocent?  When will you stand up and be counted in order to protect those that cannot protect themselves?  When will you stand up for the morals and ethics that this great nation was founded on?  I’m just a canine, but I’m doing my part to stand up to the evils that are threatening my country.  If a dog can do it…what’s your excuse for not?

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