Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Unforgivable

This morning my human woke up to find Patton had committed an unforgivable sin.  He ate her shoes!  It is such a horrendous act in her mind that she actually compared him to Obama.  Can you believe that?  In a way I can understand it.  They both destroy things and neither have learned from their mistakes yet.

After twelve full hours, Candi is still giving Patton the evil eye.  The poor little guy is so upset that he hasn't eaten his food and is walking around with his head hung in shame trying to stay out of her way.  If only Obama would behave that way for the American people.  Just like Patton he has a lot to answer for and a lot to be ashamed of.  How he could think destroying the freedom that makes America great is a good thing is beyond this canine's scope of understanding.

Eventually Candi will forgive Patton.  The shoes will be replaced with new ones and all will be well in that area soon.  Unfortunately for America, this country can never be replaced.  And much like Candi was thinking about taking Patton to doggie jail for his unforgivable sin this morning, Americans should be thinking along the same lines when it comes to Obama.  We cannot tolerate his behavior any longer.  We cannot allow him to continue the destruction of the greatest country on Earth.  To do so would be truly unforgivable!

One thing that makes Patton different from Obama is that he doesn't understand what he's doing yet.  All he knows is that he can smell our human on clothing, shoes and various other things and he wants to be close to her and play.  Obama, on the other hand, knows exactly what he is doing and doesn't give a flip.  Obama is not wanting to make things better for Americans, he is wanting to enslave them.

Often children destroy what they love most because they don't know any better.  Patton is that child.  But sometimes, they do know better and do it anyway.  Obama is that child.  Please help my human keep Obama from doing anymore harm to our country.  Call your representatives in D.C. and let them know where you stand.  Make sure to vote in November.  We can't have a willful child like Obama for another four years anymore than Candi can have Patton continuing to chew on her favorite 'sinning shoes'.

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