Wednesday, May 9, 2012

W. VA Decides Which Inmate They Want

Humans!  I love you all.  You are an unending source of humor for canines like me.  This morning while perusing the news with my favorite human, I noticed that 40% of humans in one state would rather have a convict in prison over the current President of the United States.  This strikes me as really funny.

What does it say about the current administration that these humans, which are registered Democrats, would rather have a criminal in the White House than Obama?  It says a lot to me.  It says that the ‘enlightened ones’ (Democrats) aren’t buying his bull any more.  I’ve known for years that conservatives like my human weren’t buying it, but seeing that humans on the other side aren’t is….well…it brings this canine hope.

You see, even dogs know that America can’t afford another four years of Obama and his policies.  I know you probably think I’m worried about Obama being in office for another four years because I might wind up on someone’s dinner plate, but I can assure you that is not the case.  I’m worried because I’ve seen first-hand what his programs have done to my human’s family.  Their business almost didn’t survive some of his programs.  As I am totally dependent upon the success of their business for my needs, it frightened me.  It still frightens me.  I’m worried that the excessive taxation that Obama and his cronies are so keen on will leave my human without a way to take me to the vet, pay for my food or even allow her to not work long enough to take me on long walks and/or hikes.

I want to give two paws up to all the voters in West Virginia for casting a vote against Obama in yesterday’s democratic primary!  Woof Woof to y’all!

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