Thursday, May 3, 2012

Issues Belong To Everyone

The Obama campaign comes up with a composite fictional character named Julia to feature in a slide show about how he is helping women.  Excuse me a moment, I’m laughing hysterically with my human!  Ok…I’m done for the time being.  The fictional character starts at age three and goes through age sixty-seven in the slideshow.  At the end we see the final panel that says:
From cracking down on gender discrimination in health care costs to fighting for equal pay, President Obama is standing up for women throughout their lives.

Candi and I are trying to figure out just how he doesn’t discriminate against women with his healthcare law.  We can’t see that he’s really done anything new on the equal pay front, either.  And throughout the entire thing, he tells us what Romney would do to reverse all Obama’s hard work.  Excuse me just a moment.  Mr. Obama, did you do all the things you claim in the slideshow between rounds of golf and family vacations? 

Here’s the thing.  I’ve been watching and I know with absolute certainty that liberals and democrats don’t honestly care about women’s issues.  All they’re trying to do is keep the country divided by breaking down individual things into a specific group issue. 

The fact of the matter is…all issues belong to everyone.  Stop making this about men or women and white or black.  The issues facing this country are non-racial and non-gender.  Seriously people, take it from this “female dog” and stop the nonsense.  Let’s get down to the business of finding real solutions to problems that belong to all races and genders!

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