Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Morning Adventure With Patton

Today was Patton’s big day.  Our human got up bright and early this morning to take him to the clinic for his “snip snip” surgery.  It was an adventure to say the least. 

Our day started with Patton sticking his extra large snout in Candi’s face the moment he heard the alarm go off.  Unfortunately for him, instead of going through our normal morning routine, she took a quick shower while the coffee was brewing and got dressed.  After grabbing her “to go” cup she got the leashes and we headed out.  We stopped to do our morning business and then got in the car immediately.  This is not normal, but Patton was excited about going for a ride in the car so he hopped right in.

It was at the clinic that it got comical.  The sign outside the door asked people to leave pets in their vehicles until they were checked in.  Candi had barely gotten out of the car before Patton was out.  She put him back in the car and almost slammed his head in the door as he tried to get right back out to go with her.  After a few minutes she returned to get Patton.  She thought that he might go in without too much fuss, but that wasn’t to be.  So…she came back to the car for me in hopes that Patton would follow me as he usually does.  That worked until we were about ten feet from the door.  Patton sat down and refused to budge.  Finally, Candi just picked him up and carried him in through the front door.

Once inside he tried his level best to check everything out.  But because of other animals being in the waiting room, Candi had a firm grip on both of our leashes and we weren’t going anywhere.  The German shepherd in the waiting room had no problem coming over to check us out though.  When the vet’s assistant approached, Candi explained which one of us was here for the procedure and the lady slipped the lead around Patton’s neck.  OK…that was really funny to me because he promptly sat down and began to wiggle backwards to get away from her and the lead.  Eventually, the vet’s assistant had to reach under the chair Candi was sitting in to pick Patton up.  He wiggled the whole time and the poor lady had her hands full trying to get a better hold on him.

As she carried Patton back, I began to moan and howl which made Patton moan and howl.  Candi’s eyes filled with tears as she led me back out the way we had come in. Tomorrow we will go pick the little guy up from the clinic and it should be as much of an adventure tomorrow as it was today.  I’m waiting to see how quickly he jumps in and out of the car from now on.  Now…because I do love the little guy, I’d ask each of you to keep him in your thoughts today.  We want everything to go well with no complications and a quick recovery.  

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