Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Open Letter To Donna DeWitt

Dear Ms. Dewitt,

How is what you are doing considered "good fun"?  Seriously, you should be arrested for making terroristic threats against Governor Nikki Haley.  You used an aluminum bat to swing at a pinata with the Governor's face on it and you think it's harmless?  Have you lost your mind?  In what world are you NOT encouraging your followers to act out violently?  In what world are people who would cheer you on considered "loving people"?

Had conservatives been caught on tape doing this to a pinata bearing your image, you would most certainly be pressing charges.  You behave no better than my little brother Patton in this video.  The difference is, he actually didn't mean any "ill intent" and you clearly do.  Actions speak louder than words, Ms. DeWitt.  Your hypocrisy is astounding and you're a disgrace to Southern women, the union members you represent and your country!  There is no place in society for people like you and your followers that would incite violence with ridiculous games like this.

Shame on you Ms. DeWitt!!!


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