Monday, November 28, 2011

Taking Time

"Candi, why do you participate in the chatrooms for the online music and talk shows you listen to?"

"It's simple really.  Humans are under constant pressure, Shasta.  Trying to juggle work and home can be quite a struggle.  And if that weren't bad we have the added worries of the current political climate in America.  It's important that we take time out, even just a few minutes, to show one another support.  That's what we are doing when we go into the chatrooms.  We are showing others how much we appreciate their efforts.  We are showing our support and in doing so, we may be lifting someone’s spirits and putting a smile on their face.  Chatrooms also help us learn from each other.  By talking to others on the issues, we have a chance to gather information that we may not have been aware of.  In this way, we are better prepared when discussing things with the opposition.”  

I started thinking about it and decided she probably had a point.  Quite often we find ourselves disgusted with the news and get angry.  Maybe if more people took time to enjoy each other's company, learn from one another and say thank you, our country would begin turning around.  As a dog, I have no worries.  Candi sees to my needs and takes time out to play with me.  She takes time to discuss things with me and share what she knows.  Why can't humans do that for each other?

We probably won't have much time for our blogs during this holiday season.  We're going to be "taking time" to share with others.  We have decided that we are going to spend time with friends and family.  We're going to focus on enjoying the small things in life and lift the spirits of others in the process.  We're going to begin this week by spending time with Candi's nieces, Stephanie Macomber and Rachel Marie Goldman.  We're going to take them and her great-niece, Elizabeth, to enjoy local Christmas displays.  We're going to enjoy the company and the laughter.  

We know that you have busy lives and that you have things that MUST get done.  But consider this; every time you give of yourself, you get far more in return.  I know this because of the smile on my human's face when she takes time to play with Patton and me.  When you make someone else happy, you become happy.  You begin to feel good.  And you've renewed your own spirit.  By listening and sharing with others, you gain knowledge and are better prepared for the battle.  Please, this Christmas season take time for one another.  Take time to share yourself with someone else and receive the greatest of all gifts in the process...the gift of each other.

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