Monday, November 7, 2011

Jeannie Gill Hinck, BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton Knock One Out Of The Park

One of my human's greatest pleasures in life is to interact with Conservative Patriots around the country.  They inspire her to keep moving forward when she feels like "What's the point?".  It is my distinct pleasure to tell you guys about Candi's newest favorite song, Pretty Girls With Guns & Guitars, written by Jeannie Gill Hinck and performed by Lisa Mei Norton, with the music mix by BigDawg who took Jeannie's chords and added his own unique style to create a sound that is pure American.  WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Jeannie collaborated with BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton of on the song about our government's unprecedented raid on Gibson Guitars.  In expressing the outrage of this unjustified attack through song, they have reaffirmed to Candi and I that we are on the right side in this battle for our country and our freedoms. 

Candi and I visit daily to listen and be inspired by the great work of the artists.  We don't often update our page, but we do visit and Jeannie is one of our favorites on the website.  Her humor, her patriotism and her dedication to spreading the word of freedom always seems to lift the spirits of my human whenever she feels like giving up.  All the artists do that for her, although they may not know it.

"Shasta, I have been so blessed to come into contact with these wonderful people.  I love sharing their talent with others.  It's so refreshing to hear songs like Pretty Girls With Guns & Guitars that promote the idea we can't let government continue their assault on free markets and American made products," she said.

"Well I personally like that the song was about pretty girls fighting back," I told her.  "Us girls are the future and Jeannie gets that."

I am highly recommending to all my fellow patriots that you click on the link below and take a listen to this great new collaboration by Jeannie Gill Hinck, BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton.  These guys blow Candi and I away with their talent and patriotism.  Help us support these great conservative artists and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

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  1. Shasta, you and Candi are AWESOME!!!! You are the most patriotic and conserned, conservative caynine, I've ever seen!
    Jeannie Hinck