Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Only Christmas Gets Taxed!!!!

"'ve got to be kidding me?  When will the left stop their relentless attack on Christmas," I heard Candi yelling this morning.

I padded into the living room and asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Shasta, you're absolutely NOT going to believe what this liberal administration has done now!  They're going to add 15 cents on to every Christmas tree sold.  They're not going to tax Kwanza symbols, winter solstice symbols, or muslim symbols....just Christmas trees.  If this isn't another liberal attack on a Christian holiday, I don't know what is," she said.

We decided to look into the story a little further.  And here's the thing...they're adding this 15 cents to pay for a new "Christmas Tree Promotion Board" in the Department of Agriculture.  This "tree tax" is supposed to pay for a program to improve the image of the Christmas tree industry.  Here is our question:  Would we need to improve the image of the Christmas tree industry if the liberals hadn't taken every opportunity to destroy the holiday itself?  NO, we most certainly would not.

We are no longer supposed to call it a Christmas tree, but instead a Holiday tree so that we don't offend non-Christians.  Everywhere you look people use Xmas instead of Christmas in an attempt to take Christ out of the holiday altogether.  We can no longer put nativity scenes up in public places in many cities in the U.S.  Santa is even offensive to some.  NOW the left is going to attack probably the MOST recognizable symbol of the holiday by putting a tax on it.  For Pete's sake America...when are you going to wake up?  Will it take the actual abolishment of the holiday before you realize what is going on here? 

Little by little our freedoms and our customs/traditions are being taken away by the left.  If they aren't outright attacking it...they sneak in a tax on it.  Soon there will be no Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or holidays that honor the sacrifice of those who have served and those currently serving.  Soon there will be no resemblance to the holiday my human remembers from her childhood.  Soon there will be no Christian OR Jewish holidays allowed in America.  Are you ready for that day?  If not...stand up and fight for your right to celebrate your Christian beliefs and traditions.  Candi and I are!

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