Monday, December 5, 2011

Really? It's Christmas For Santa's Sake!

My human and I gladly support your right to not celebrate Christmas.  We proudly defend your right to celebrate any holiday you wish, as a matter of fact.  What we do NOT support in any way, is your incessant insistence that we NOT celebrate the way we wish!

Let me see if I can explain this in such a way that even a liberal can understand.  One, the first amendment does not guarantee that you will NOT be offended so...GET OVER IT!  Two, Christmas is not only protected by freedom OF religion, it protected by freedom OF speech!  Three, we freely support Hannukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and every other holiday you wish to celebrate, so leave ours alone!  Why is tolerance required of us but not of liberals?

Once again the attack on Christmas is getting ridiculous.  Liberals have insisted on not allowing any Christmas decorations in classrooms because they are offensive to muslims and other non-christians.  The governor of Rhode Island continues to defy his own state legislature by refusing to call the tree in the capital rotunda a Christmas Tree.  And now....even Rudolph is under attack because the other reindeer were bullies.  Give me a break people.  My human is ready to throttle some people!

Where is your holiday spirit?  Where is your tolerance?  It's absolutely amazing to this K-9 that you insist we tolerate others, but you can't tolerate our beliefs and traditions.  Can you show me in any document on Earth where it says that liberals get to determine how others live their lives or what they should believe?  Make no mistake about it, we are angry.  We are absolutely over everyone else trying to make believers feel guilty for their traditions and holidays.  If you don't like what we are celebrating....don't look.  It's as simple as that!

Christmas is about sharing.  It is about "peace on Earth, goodwill toward men".  That should not only be a Christian attitude, but an attitude of all people around the world.  We truly understand if you do not want to acknowledge or celebrate the holiday, but please...don't ruin everyone else's good time.  If you sincerely want tolerance for ALL religions, then let your own tolerance show at this special time of year.  If we K-9 types can do this, then surely mankind can.  After all, it's Christmas for Santa's sake!

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