Tuesday, November 1, 2011


How many times will you post unverified subject matter?  I mean seriously, you're doing more harm than good by NOT researching before you post something.  Conspiracy theories abound and distractions are coming hard and fast from the left.  Do we really have the time for arguing this stuff?  I think not!

Candi woke up this morning to find a link posted on Facebook.  The title of the link caught her attention, so she clicked on it and read the article.  Unfortunately, the person writing the article chooses to remain anonymous and provided NO backup for his/her theory.  The person who posted the link had obviously NOT done any research of their own and therefore, people are going to be running around to fight something that we don't even know for sure is a real problem yet.  How is this helping the conservative cause?

Our country is at a crossroads and we have one chance to take it back.  Next November we will either make the most of that chance or we will continue to allow the left to take us down the path to socialism.  Make your choice people.  Either stand firm and fight the battles that actually need fighting, or fall for every little trick of the left and lose the war.  As for Candi, Patton and I...we're planning on fighting what needs to be fought.  We will not follow every conspiracy.  We will not be distracted by attacks on candidates.  And most of all, we will not lose sight of the end goal!  We are in it to win!

Every night before bed, Candi and I talk about what we've done or learned that day.  It's amazing to me how much time we spend trying to verify information.  The wonderful thing about the web is that everyone can contribute.  The bad thing about the web is that everyone can contribute.  It's a double-edged sword and unfortunately, most people aren't willing to do their own research and end up falling for everything they read.  It can be discouraging to those of us that are doing our research.  We're constantly having to point out the other side or show why the article they read isn't infallible.

Please people, look past the headline and read the article.  Then, after you've read it, see if you can find out anything about the author.  Check to see if they're credible.  Look at their sources and see if those are credible.  If anything doesn't seem quite right, ask someone else for help in verifying.  Together we can make a difference.  To insure that we are together, let's verify before posting and stay focused on the issues at hand.  It is the only way to take back our country and to keep it.

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