Friday, November 4, 2011

Something Dogs Know That OWS Doesn't!

Here is something that ALL dogs learn.  A person has something you want so you try to take it.  That person could be bigger or have weapons.  It is NOT worth the punishment that will inevitably follow!  Trust me on this one!

Last night as I was eating, Patton decided he was going to help me finish my food.  I defended what was rightfully mine and he got hurt.  Now...I did not mean to hurt him, but he had no business trying to take my food.  Candi came running in to find Patton screaming and bleeding.  She immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped him up.  After she got him quieted down, she looked at me with that "mom" look we all dread and said, "Patton is just a baby and he doesn't know any better.  You have to be careful because you're so much bigger.  However, he had no right trying to take what was yours.  I'm not mad at you for defending what was yours, but I'm upset with you for getting too rough."

"I didn't mean to hurt him.  I was just trying to warm him," I told her.

I felt really bad all night that Patton had gotten hurt.  I felt even worse that Candi was worried.  But still....he shouldn't have tried to take my food!  I thought about what had happened all night and this morning when Candi woke up and AFTER she'd had her first cup of coffee I padded up to sit at her feet and I asked, "Couldn't the kind of incident that happened last night with me and Patton happen to the OWS people someday?"

"Yes, Shasta.  One of these days, the OWS people are going to come across someone who is bigger and stronger.  When they do, that person is going to defend what is rightfully theirs.  And when I say 'rightfully theirs', I mean what they've worked for and earned.  You don't have the right to something just because it's there and you think it's unfair you don't already have it, Shasta.  That is the lesson Patton learned, very painfully learned, last night," she said.

What she said made perfect sense to me.  You see, I know that if I try to take something I shouldn't I can get hurt.  And someday, there will be a bigger dog that can kick my butt.  So...I take what I'm given by my human, because I can't get it myself, and I stay away from what belongs to others.  This is something that all dogs learn very early in life.  We learn it the hard way and we don't forget it.  Unfortunately, today's young people have never learned this lesson.  They will probably NEVER learn this lesson.

Because liberals feel everyone should be equal, our children are NOT learning how to stand up for themselves or how to keep trying until you succeed.  Instead, children are learning to cry "He said mean things about me" or "That's not fair".  Rather than teaching our children to be strong and independent, we teach them that everyone is equal and no one should have more than anyone else.  Because we won't let the kids who are capable show off those capabilities, we are raising a nation of weaklings and whiners.  It's time that children learn the lesson that all dogs learn as puppies.  Don't try to take what doesn't belong to you!

One more thing.  Just because Candi scooped Patton up, doesn't mean she was on his side.  As a matter of fact, she told him that she hoped he had learned his lesson.  She scolded him for trying to take what wasn't his and explained to him that was how he got hurt.  She definitely made it clear to Patton that it was his own fault he got hurt.  AND, Candi explained to both of us that she only wanted to make sure he was ok and didn't need to go to the vet.  I know that Candi loves Patton and I.  I also know that she won't reward bad behavior.  As soon as she knew Patton was going to be ok...we both got lectures. 

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  1. Shasta, you were right to defend what was yours. You are "spot on" about the OWS people! They will face these issues one day. Parents today aren't teaching their kids what's right and wrong. It's really sad Shasta. I've been teaching my son that he should never expect "handouts" in life and to work for and earn what he wants and needs on his own. I hope he will learn by watching his mom.