Friday, April 20, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be A Gender/Species

Anyday liberals are going to decide that I can no longer be a dog.  After reading the story about LEGOs creating a “girl friendly” line and a feminist group being upset about it, it’s the only conclusion I can come to.  First they’ll do away with all genders, then they’ll do away with species.  Am I the only one who finds this wrong?
My human and her friend are currently trying to keep their heads from “popping” over the story that feminists are ticked off over a “girl friendly” version of the popular LEGOs toys.  I really can’t blame them.  They are girly girls and a group of women have decided that being feminine or even liking something feminine is wrong.  Who gave those “female dogs” the right to tell my human and her friends that they shouldn’t enjoy being feminine and traditional feminine roles?  Grrrr!
I feel the need to explain something to this group of women who think that celebrating one’s gender is wrong.  There are definite advantages to being a female.  For example, men don’t wear stilettos and therefore are missing out on a most excellent weapon.  My human once used her “sinning shoes” to defend herself against two very large and vicious dogs.  Because she celebrated her femininity and had on her “sinning shoes”, she was able to slip them off and “bop the dogs in the head”.  In doing so, she stunned the dogs who then just sat on their haunches and stared at her.  Are you going to tell me that by refusing her the joy of being a woman you will gladly take away one of her excellent weapons for self preservation?  I won’t.
You women make me want to bite you hard on your “female dog” rear ends.  You want special consideration because you’re a female, but then turn around and demand that no one recognize your gender.  Talk about hypocritical!  Get over yourselves and smell the coffee down in Columbia.  You should be proud of your differences from men and stop demanding what you don’t really want!  

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