Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busybodies Waste Taxpayer Money

I hear my human talk about waste in government every single day.  Now, I’ve had firsthand experience with waste of taxpayer funds.  But before I tell you the story, I’d like to thank the “busybody” human who allowed me to witness it firsthand.  Thank you, for sending out Animal Control to check on my welfare.  My human obviously mistreats me on a regular basis and I’m glad you were looking out for me!
For years I have gone with my human everywhere.  To work, on road trips, long walks and hikes, to the store…everywhere.  Never once have we had an issue with anyone thinking I was being mistreated.  That is, until today.  It seems that someone called Animal Control about me and Patton being “tethered” right outside my human’s office.  It seems that there is an “anti-tethering” ordinance in the county we reside in and that we did not have adequate shelter.  So…an officer came out to talk to our human about it.
Now I want to let you people in on something.  One, we enjoy going everywhere with our human and are happy to be right outside her office door.  Being with her at her job gives us the opportunity for attention from children and other humans that we would not be given if we were left behind in a house all day.  Two, the humans who come to our human’s place of business enjoy seeing us here.  They’re always interested in what breed of canine we are and how well behaved we are.  Three, our human often works alone and we are here to warn her of danger and protect her if necessary.  I’m just wondering if the “busybody” that called had taken any of that into account before calling to report her for “mistreatment of animals”.
Taxpayer money was spent to send an Animal Control officer out to talk with our human about “mistreating” us.  The officer admitted she could tell we were very well tended to and that there was no sign of “mistreatment” visible.  As a matter of fact, the only law/ordinance our human had violated was the “tethering ordinance”.  I am sure that if you had just called to talk with our human about your concerns and that the county had an ‘anti-tethering” ordinance, the taxpayers of the county could have avoided the expense.  I realize in the grand scheme of things that it wasn’t very much money, but in today’s economic times…any taxpayer money spent unnecessarily is a waste! 
This last part is just for the person who falsely accused my human of “mistreatment” and/or cruelty to animals.  Next time you want to report someone for supposed offenses, make sure you have all your facts together and that the officer is NOT a fan of my blog!  And just because I’m a “female dog”, I want to add…May you never get another gift that you truly enjoy!!!  

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  1. Shasta, I know you're a lady - but I hope you bit them in the leg! This business of Big Government treating your humans like neglectful "people" has to stop. Stay strong, Puppy-Gal and take care of your little brother Patton. (Kel aka Red Fox xox!!)