Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Open Letter To Hilary Rosen

Dear Ms. Rosen,

Let me explain something to you since you obviously have no idea what it means to be a REAL woman who stays at home to raise her children.  They don’t do it because they don’t have any understanding of the economy.  They do it because they can.  They understand the economy well enough to know that the paycheck their spouses bring home each week is enough to cover the needs of the family budget.   They know what it means to put WANTS aside and focus on NEEDS.  This is something I think you and others like you don’t understand.

My human has to work outside the home out of necessity.  She has no one else to see to the needs of the home and therefore, she goes to work every day in order to provide shelter, food and clothing for her household.  Her mother stayed at home the entire length of her childhood in order to raise six children.  She managed the household budget with one measly paycheck.  She could not have made that tiny paycheck stretch the way she did if she had no understanding of the economy.  Would you like to contradict that?

Just because Ann Romney has had the opportunity to stay at home does not mean she has no understanding of the economy.  You’re jealousy of her and how happy she seems to be is no reason to slam her for her choice.  You’re idiotic apology was futile and as fake as a three dollar bill.  There is no one who thinks your words were “poorly chosen”.  Even canines like myself know that you said exactly what you meant and you are only now apologizing because you have alienated a key demographic that will be needed to keep your boss in the White House this November.

I’d like to give you a small piece of advice from one “female dog” to another.  Stop before you make yourself look even more small and pathetic than you already look. 

Female dog extraordinaire

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