Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hollywood Has-Been/Political Wannabe....GO HOME!!!

Hollywood and Washington, D.C. have always been connected.  Stars and politicians enjoy the photo ops that rubbing elbows bring.  Generally, I don’t have a problem with it.  I do have a problem with it when stars use their platform to spout ridiculous and uneducated comments in an attempt to garner attention.  Our latest prime example of this would be the one and only Roseanne Barr. 
Ms. Barr is perhaps the saddest of all creatures on Earth, a “Hollywood has been”.  These “has been” celebrities often try to regain their former fame by inserting themselves into current events and/or politics.  Ms. Barr has even gone so far as to announce her candidacy for President of the United States.  Now in all fairness, her announcement to run for President doesn’t really bother me.  After all, she is a joke and no one in their right mind would take her seriously.  What does bother me is that Ms. Barr has now attacked Ann Romney.
I don’t know if Ann Romney raised her children herself or if they had nannies.  Personally, I don’t care.  What I do care about is the fact that Mrs. Romney is being attacked when no one really knows what they’re talking about.  Were Roseanne and Hilary Rosen there in the Romney household?  Were they around to help Ann through her illnesses?  Where are the witnesses to back up their claims? 
Seriously, this is not about moms or women.  This is about making the Romney’s look as completely out of touch with the rest of us as they possibly can.  They want us looking at that and ignoring the fact that the Obama’s hired a plane just to take the family dog to Hawaii for vacation.  They don’t want us looking at the Obama’s oldest child going to Mexico for Spring Break, or Michelle’s expensive wardrobe.  Liberals don’t want us looking too close at the out of control spending that has increased since Obama took office either. 
Honestly, I don’t care what the Romney’s personal finance situation was or is.  I don’t even care about what Obama’s personal finance situation was or is.  What I do care about it what our government finance situation was and is currently.  I care about what our military is doing overseas to protect us from more terrorist attacks.    I care about our porous borders and what D.C. is going to do to help states like Arizona and Texas defend themselves against the drug cartels that come and go across our Southern border as they please.  I care about charges being brought against Attorney General Eric Holder for perjuring himself before Congress. 
In short, I care about a great many other things that affect our economy, our national security and the overall health of our nation.  Stop this inane argument about who does what when and/or where.  Give me a plan for fixing the problems that our country is facing.  And please, for the love of God, Ms. Barr…SHUT UP!  No one cares what you have to say Roseanne.  You are irrelevant and you know it.  After the antics you pulled in the nineties with your husband Tom Arnold, you will never have anything of value to add.  Stop embarrassing yourself and your family.  It’s time to permanently fade away!

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