Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Roof Or The Plate?

Once again distraction has taken hold of us all and we are forgetting the real issues of the day.  As a canine, I feel I have a special perspective on this particular distraction.  Regardless of which camp you may be a part of, both sides have not been particularly kind to my species.  And with that being said, I think I prefer to stick with Romney over Obama when it comes to doggie issues.
First, let me say that I know Romney is definitely out of touch when it comes to what is in the best interests of canines in this country.  No one who truly cared about my species would put an obviously nervous tempered dog in a crate and tie it to the roof of their vehicle while traveling on vacation.  He further showed a lack of real concern when he stopped to “hose off the mess” and continue on without seeing to it that the dog was really ok.  This is NOT cool!  However, I feel that with a little training, Romney could be taught to be a proper human to his canine companions.
Now I don’t know what to say about Obama and his “dog eating” habits.  I do know that I am fortunate not to have been born in Asia where dog meat is considered a main staple in the diet.  I know that Obama was just a boy when living in Indonesia and that he ate things he probably wouldn’t consider eating now.  With that being said, if he was brave enough to write about eating dog as a boy in his book, I have to wonder if he wouldn’t eat dog meat again.  It is plausible to believe that if you were disgusted by it, you wouldn’t have written about it in a book. 
As a canine, I have a choice to make.  Would I rather support someone who would be inconsiderate enough to tie me to a roof…OR…do I want to support someone who would put me on a plate for dinner?  Hmmm….think I’ll support the guy with the roof! 

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