Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Grrrrrrrr!

Two things I read on the internet this week make me want to bite some bums.  The first, Spike Lee tweeting the address of Zimmerman.  The second thing was Rep. Bobby Rush from Illinois making a mockery of the House of Representatives.  The following are my thoughts on both of these things.

First, we are going to look at the sheer stupidity of Spike Lee.  He not only tweeted the address of Zimmerman in hopes of inciting violence against the man, he tweeted the WRONG address.  That’s right… Spike Lee didn’t have enough sense to even make sure he had the right person.  What a buffoon!  My question is simple.  Who gave Spike Lee (a Hollywood has been) the right to put vigilantes and the media on the trail of a private citizen?  Oh wait…he’s a liberal and therefore the rules of common decency do not apply to him.  Freedom of Speech does NOT, I repeat does NOT, give you the right to endanger others!  Spike Lee needs to be charged by the authorities for endangerment of the elderly couple that actually do live at the address he tweeted!  In this canine’s opinion, his actions are not only  deserving of a bite on the bum…but a bite somewhere else that probably means a lot more to him.

Now we are going to look at the actions of Representative Bobby Rush from the state of Illinois.  I agree with my human that he does not deserve the title of Honorable in front of his name like other members of Congress.  Mr. Rush took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States when he was elected to office.  I’ve gone over the oath of office with my human and we’ve even looked at the rule of decorum for the House of Representatives.  Nowhere in the oath does it say that you swear to get up and make a mockery of the system or the House.  In the rules for decorum, it does specifically state in clause 5 of rule 17 hats on the floor of the House are not tolerated.  Mr. Rush, do you not believe in taking your responsibilities or your oath seriously?  Do you honestly believe that rules of decorum only apply to Republicans?  Once again, this canine thinks that the actions of Mr. Rush are deserving of a bite on the bum.  Not only that, but this canine thinks Mr. Rush should resign immediately because he has obviously entered into a state of delusion and therefore no longer represent those who live in reality!

Let me be as clear as a dog can be.  These are my opinions on two very real stories.  Both of these things mentioned actually occurred.  These two “grown men” behaved like spoiled rotten 2 year old brats.  It’s pretty sad when those of us in the animal kingdom behave better than humans!!!

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