Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joe Merrick Understands Christmas

Let me make this clear.  If you don't hold the spirit of Christmas in your heart, you won't understand the song we are about to discuss at all so, you should just stop reading now.

Yesterday while visiting the various websites that Candi belongs to, she stopped in at BigDawgMusicMafia.com to see if anyone had posted anything new.  Turns out there was a new song.  It was Joe Merrick's, Santa Is Alive And Well.  We sat and listened.  Then we listened again.  Finally, after replaying numerous times, we visited I-Tunes to download it.

"Shasta, this song perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas.  It expresses the joy and wonder that adults can continue to experience while looking through the eyes of their children.  People, like Joe, who carry this spirit in their hearts will be forever young and happy," Candi said to me.

She's constantly telling me not to lose my wonder of the world.  According to her, if we keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all through the year, we will always find beauty and truth in a world filled with ugly and deception.  We can, through our children, remember the hope and promise of tomorrow.  We can save our country for our children by remembering the hope, the excitement and the discovery we carried in our own hearts as children.

Joe has touched my human's heart with his song and given her hope that others still keep the true spirit of Christmas in their hearts.  So....thank you, Joe Merrick for writing and performing such a wonderful song that promotes the hope and optimism that is Christmas.

This K-9 strongly recommends everyone visit Joe's page at  http://www.bigdawgmusicmafia.com/profile/JoeMerrick to listen to the song.  And while you're there, show your support by clicking his link to purchase the song at I-Tunes.

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