Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Even Canines Show More Respect

My human is NOT a fan of most of the things coming out of Hollywood these days.  Their "we know more than you" attitude when it comes to programming really irritates her.  But every once in a while, they go completely beyond the pale and we have to ask everyone again to STOP supporting Hollywood by NOT watching what they produce.  Hawaii Five-O is one program that no true patriot should ever watch again in our opinion.

It seems that a group of 23 WWII Pear Harbor survivors had arrived on the island of Oahu for their final major gathering to honor fallen comrades.  Unfortunately for these brave men, the entire crew of Hawaii Five-O did not feel that they deserved the time for their ceremony.  Candi and I find this disgraceful!

What has America come to if we can't show respect to those who fought to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy?  The average age of the men visiting The National Cemetary of the Pacific during Pearl Harbor week was 91.  They weren't loud, they were friendly to the film crew when asked to move, AND they did not try to interfere with filming.  So...if these men could respect what the film crew was doing, why couldn't the film crew stop filming long enough for our National Anthem at the beginning or even stop for Taps and a moment of silence at the end?

Candi is mad like you won't believe.  "How dare they disrespect hallowed ground and the men who had returned to bid a final farewell to friends?' she asked.  We don't even watch the show, but if we did...I can assure you, we wouldn't anymore.  We are sharing the link to the original story with you and are sure that FOXNews will have the story up on their website soon.  FOX just heard the story and reported on it this morning.


Also, if you are as upset about this as we are...please write CBS and the producers of the show and let them know how you feel.  Our emails have already sent.

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