Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Have A New Crush

You may not realize this, but K-9's have very sensitive hearing.  That's why certain sounds can sooth us, while other sounds...well, they just send us into fits.  One of the great things about my human is her eclectic taste in music.  And last night, she introduced us to a new voice. was heaven to my doggie ears.

Candi played for us the soothing sounds of Jack Hoban.  After getting a preview of his Christmas tune on, she checked out his other work and she immediately purchased all she could.  I have to tell you...the girls in our house were very happy campers after listening to his music.  You have to love a human who knows exactly the right thing to play for you at exactly the right time.

You know how you can absolutely love an artist but NOT every song?  Well, Jack Hoban is NOT that artist. We loved every single track on each album. Patton and I are giving him "four paws up" each for a total of "eight paws".  Don't believe me?  Check out his page at or  You may want to get up and dance, or you may want to just grab a glass of wine while sitting on the veranda chilling out to his smooth vocals and contemporary blues/jazz melodies.  Either way, we're sure you'll be an instant fan after one song.

As a friend of ours says:  We have definite "puddin face" when listening to this amazingly talented artist.  Take a moment and check him out.  Let him know what you think, and/or show your support by purchasing one of his songs.

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